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How to Become a Florist

How to Become a Florist PhotoYou won’t need a special license or certification to become a florist. To become one, all you need is the interest on flowers, knowledge and training when it comes to floral care and designing. Florists are experts when it comes to flowers. They help customers in flower design and making different kinds of arrangements. If you are interested and you have no idea where to start, here are some things that will help you to become one.

Check if you are fit for the job

Becoming a florist is easy but there are still some things that you need to consider before taking a step to get this kind of job. Are you allergic of pollen? Is there someone in your family who’s very sensitive when it comes to flowers? Think of yourself and your family’s health before proceeding.

Enroll in floral schools

Make a research about top floral schools in your area. Some offer courses and certifies students as a florist even though you won’t actually need it. Consider the way you want to attend classes, budget and your availability. You can start practicing techniques and arrangements while in school and donate something to your community like weddings and churches to gain an experience.

Talk to a professional florist

Consider meeting a professional florist in your area and ask about pros and cons on becoming an independent florist or franchisee. You can also interview owners of flower businesses and familiarize yourself with different situations in the floral industry. Work with a pro to learn advanced tricks and techniques that could be of use in the future.

Continue learning

Learn on how to run your own floral business. Continue on taking advanced courses in a floral school or college and keep yourself aware with different styles and new methods when it comes to flower designs and arrangements.

Search or create a job

If you have enough funds to build and support a small business, start your own flower boutique and hire fellow florists to be your staff.  Otherwise, you can apply for a job as a florist on established business for the mean time and save enough money for business. Aim to be an expert and study the needs and interests of consumers when it comes to flowers.

Becoming a florist is not costly and hard as any other professions. This is a recommendable course to someone who loves flowers and possesses natural skills.