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How to Become a Garbage Collector

How to Become a Garbage Collector PhotoDo you want to know how to become a garbage collector? Like a lot of other jobs, you need to identify possible employers. Then, you need to apply with them and hope you get chosen. To improve your chances, you need to prepare yourself well.

Be physically fit

The life of a garbage collector involves a lot of heavy lifting. You’ll be moving from place to place, picking up trash. You have to be able to lift whatever you come across. You’ll be doing this over and over.

Sometimes, the trash won’t be in a shape that’s easy to lift. After all, not everything fits in garbage cans. So you have to be strong enough to deal with these. You might have to lift these large items awkwardly.

Learn to operate equipment

There’s a good chance that you’ll be moving around in a truck. You won’t always be the person riding in the passenger seat. And you won’t always be hanging onto the back. So you need to be able to drive as well.

This way, you can take turns driving and hauling. A garbage truck isn’t the only relevant equipment though. Sometimes, you’ll need to be able to handle a forklift. Then there might be a compactor or some other trash equipment.

Have a tough stomach

You’ll have to accept the fact that some of the trash will be unpleasant. If you easily get queasy, then this might not be the job for you. You have to be willing to pick trash and lift it, without hesitation. This means you’re going to get dirty.

So one of the qualifications for the job is being able to handle dirt. You also need to be able to ignore nasty smells. If you can look past these, then you can focus on your job. And over time, you’ll get more used to the different kinds of trash.

Check for other requirements

When you find out who the employers are, you can learn other requirements. Perhaps they will require some additional licenses from you. Maybe there will be some other certification. You can find out what else they need, so you can get these.

Once all these are ready, apply and then hopefully go to the interview. All the preparation that you’ve done prior to this will help. Be sure to highlight your strengths and any related experiences. Show that you have what it takes to be good at the job.

The work of a garbage collector is very important. It goes to the ability of society and neighborhoods to function. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll increase your chances.

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    That’s quite a career. I’ve heard it pays well – if you own your own truck.