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How to Become a Good Manager

How to Become a Good Manager PhotoDespite the great responsibilities being shouldered by a manager, it is very important for them to look good inside and out in the eyes of their people and customers. Being a good manager could lead to higher production of his down lines, more customers and a growing business. This is one reason why a manager should not just excel on the paperwork, e-mail or their projects, but they also have to possess the charisma to develop excellent relations with other employees. Here are the steps on becoming a good boss:

Listen to people

If you are good in assigning tasks, you must be better when it comes to hearing out your people. Listen to their issues and don’t just give out commands to avoid them on having the impression that you are selfish. Be attentive to their needs and responsive to their queries but not to the point that you are spoiling or spoon-feeding them.

Criticize and compliment

Don’t just discuss about their weaknesses and failures. Never whine about these in front of your down lines even if you’re with your closest. After discussing the bad points, make up by telling them the good points and giving compliments about it. Consider their feelings but make sure that they learn from their mistakes. State what you are expecting from them for their next evaluation.

Motivate people

Give rewards and recognize the people who performed well. Make them feel that it is worthy to give their one hundred percent every day. Ask people if they love their job and if they have plans of leaving. Take action based on what they have said and on what they have confessed that they need.

Discover potentials

Observe the performance of your down lines and their team members as well. Check on those people who are consistent with their high productivity and metrics. Try to encourage them to do more and to try on taking another step on their career.

Take an interest on employees

Don’t make every interaction with your employees look like you just need them for business. Make an impression that you are approachable and possesses a friendly side. Have small talks with them after the shift and establish a little personal connection. Try to be friendly but maintain the gap to maintain the right respect between each other.

Be fair

Don’t be hard on other employees. Treat them equally and remain to be open to others who want to know you better.

Be good, considerate and treat others well. Remember that it’s better to work with people who love and respect you than people who fears you if you’re around and trash talk when you turn your back. If you gain people’s trust and respect, they will push you to the top even without asking for their help.