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How to Become a Good Personal Assistant

How to Become a Good Personal AssistantBeing a personal assistant (PA) is one of the many tough careers in the office field. Answering calls, taking down notes and setting up schedules are just some of the few tasks a personal assistant does every now and then.

For some, it is a very challenging job as you get to get things done for your boss. If something goes wrong, you are to blame. Nonetheless, a PA’s job is very important in an office. Without them, everything would likely be topsy turvy.

If you are planning to become a personal assistant, don’t fear of failing being one. You just have to prepare yourself on what would you do. You should also develop some characteristics to be called a good PA. Here are some below.

Good communication skills

For one to become a PA, one must elicit a good interpersonal relationship with his boss. Your boss will be the person you will be working with, so it is essential to create a trusting employee-boss relationship.

Good communication skills may include being able to speak up when asked to, able to ask questions confidently and able to be a good listener. Your job as a PA entails writing down notes and schedules while eating or walking with your boss, so you must have a keen sense of hearing.

Be assertive

A good personal assistant is confident and enthusiastic. One must know how to be initiative in this kind of job. Being a PA does not need to wait for instructions, but does it without being told. One must learn to observe office work and master routines of one’s boss to be able to act accordingly.

There are times when no one can help you with your job. Then you must be able to solve problems on your own. Bosses would not have the time to train you on simple things you could eventually learn. A good PA does not know how to say “I can’t.”

Be a pro in organizing

Setting up schedules for appointments and meetings is one of the tasks of a PA. Therefore, one must know how to use time management and organization skills. There are times, bosses would leave you to fix out their schedule for the whole week, and you have to do it all alone.

You must be keen and quick on double checking or even triple checking dates to prevent delay and cancellations.

Be flexible

There would be times, you would work overtime or work out of town. You have to be ready to face these kind of circumstances if you are a PA. Sometimes, you cannot demand to say NO especially if your boss is too busy.

You might miss out some important occasions at home and you must be willing to not enjoy a part of it knowing your boss can call you anytime.

Have add-on skills

It is a big plus as a PA if you have skills in “IT”. With today’s technology, almost every office requires a computer and the internet. If you are computer savvy, your boss will greatly appreciate it. Website designing, photo editing and software making are some of “IT” skills you might want to have.

Additionally, being able to speak different languages is also a big plus for you especially if the company you are working in requires appointments with different nationalities.

As a good PA, you must have at least two of the skills above. If you want to apply as a personal assistant, there are sites online that may help you out.