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How to Become a Marketing Manager

How to Become a Marketing Manager PhotoMarketing managers are one of the most highly paid professionals in the USA, as included in the top 10 list as of 2012. They have an average annual wage of $112,800 as of 2010 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But to get one’s self to the position of a marketing manager, one has to meet some qualities and qualifications. Here are some below.

Educational background

A bachelor’s degree in marketing will be necessary for you to become a marketing manager. Although some managers work their way up through experience, a degree or certificate would still be an easier path to take. Courses in sales and advertising or business management is also accepted and can be an advantage for you to get the job.

Marketing managers usually take also a master’s degree and even a doctorate degree to get them promoted to the job. There is actually a list of graduate schools for marketing that you can choose if you wish to enroll.

Experience in sales and advertising

Most marketing managers started their way from the bottom all the way up with their jobs. Some started as purchasing agents, sales agents, sales representatives and product promodizers. This means that an experience in sales and advertising is a big advantage. It is not required but it will be beneficial for you to be able to understand different aspects in this field.

Develop analytical skills

As a marketing manager, your job is to create strategies to increase a company’s sales. You are also tasked to analyze your company’s standing between other competitors in the market. To do so, you must develop good analytical skills over time. Learning to read between the lines of the latest trends and forming effective strategies for advertising are good examples of how deep your analytical skills are. Being good with numbers is a plus too.

Excellent management skills

When you become a marketing manager, you handle a lot of people down in your tree. To be a good manager, you must be able to give proper delegation to your subordinates. There would always be times when working with your colleagues would be tough due to differences in opinions. But how you can handle them would show how good you are being a manager. Also included in your scope of being a manager would be on motivating your subordinates to do work timely and efficiently.

Developing your management skills is harnessed by working and communicating with your co-workers thru time. Also, as a manager, consider that your staffs are humans too. Even if you are their boss, always treat everyone with fairness and equality in the work space.

Marketing managers play a big role in the business world. It is essential that to be a marketing manager, you should also have the capabilities to be one. Furthermore, be a good role model to future marketing managers by acting right and following work ethics with everyone you deal with always.