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How to Become a Mortician

How to Become a Mortician PhotoBecoming a mortician is a scary job which needs talent and great emotional demands due to the nature and environment. Not only you will work on a lifeless being, you will also have to deal with the grieving family members who might give you a hard time since they are in a stage of confusion and sensitivity. Work usually means search for a living but if you are a mortician, the joke is that you are searching for death. A mortician supervises the disposition of the dead and manages the funeral preparations.  If you have guts and interest to do this, then here are the steps that might help.

Be sure that you are fit and youant this

This job is not for everyone. Think that you’ll be working with a dead body. If this idea doesn’t scare you and it strangely soothes you, then this business is something that you can own.  You can contact a funeral home and ask for permission to pay them a visit so that you can see how they do their job. If the process makes your hands and body to shake, stop playing courageous and quit the mortician dream. You might end up being the one who’s lying there if you proceed.

Meet the requirements

Depending on the state, the educational requirements on being a mortician may differ. For an embalmer, you would need to at least have an associate’s degree through an accredited Mortuary Science or Funeral Services program. Some states would require you to be an embalmer before becoming a funeral director. Make a research about the requirements on having a mortician license for your state.

Get a job at a funeral home

After completing the requirements of your state and getting your license, apply for a job in a funeral home. You can also decide on opening up your own funeral business or applying for a home. Show empathy, honest, warmth, compassion and active listening skills to your customers.

Stress management

The worst enemy will be stress. The stress here is more than of emotional than physical. The way that the person died, the appearance and its emotional effect to the family will also have a great impact on you. You may surpass the fearsome part but this is where a lot of morticians quit and decide to do something else. Seek the help of your colleagues or director. You need to rely on faith or you can seek for professional counselling.

Being a mortician is one of the hardest jobs around. To be efficient and to last longer on this field, you would need to be considerate, conservative and emotionally strong. Make sure to have it all and good luck on working with the dead and the living.