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How to Become a Multimillionaire


The same path used to become a millionaire is generally the same one you’ll use to become a multimillionaire. In fact, the idea discussed below can be applied to become a millionaire then later a multimillionaire.

Becoming rich is a change of mindset, here is how to change your mindset and become a millionaire.

1. Think outside the box

To be honest, there should be no box at all. You will hardly become a millionaire if you do not think beyond your basic needs.

Basic needs include a house, a car or anything that makes your life better. The best motivation for becoming a multimillionaire is not you or your needs but making a difference in the society.

2. See yourself as a multimillionaire

In life, you first see things in your mind before they are seen in reality. For instance, before approaching that girl or boy that you really like, you spend hours fantasizing with them.

In fact, they become an integral part of your life before you even approach them. Similarly, you must first see yourself as a multimillionaire before you become one.

3. Decide to become a multimillionaire

You cannot become a multimillionaire if you have not decided to. By making this decision, you accept to persevere through all the challenges that will come your way.

You also agree to think like a multi millionaire.

4. Kick out poverty mentality

There is plenty of money in world; however, people who think about it correctly are few. Poverty mentality includes thinking that you will become wealthy by saving or doing your ordinary 9-5 job.

Not even taking a part-time job will. You must always view scarcity as an opportunity rather than “lack of”.

5. Buy time, don’t sell it

All millionaires concentrate on buying time; they hardly sell their time. You see the difference between you and a millionaire is that you spend 8 hours working. A millionaire hires more than one person to work for them in those 8 hours.

At the end of the day, if you make a dollar, they make 2 or more dollars depending on the number of workers.

In other words, multimillionaire makes their money work for them as ordinary people work for money.  In short, you need to invest heavily.

6. Spendless and invest more

Commercial lawyers will tell you that tax laws allover the world favor investing rather than spending. This means that even the government knows that wealth is not created by spending but investing. To invest, you need to save but saving without investing wisely is wasteful.

7. Copy-paste!!

The concept of copy-pasting is frowned upon. However, in real life, there are very few “Steve Jobs” who can create a completely new product called iPhone.

Therefore, it is important to create multiple incomes by copying business ideas that have been successful elsewhere. However, you must suit the copy-pasted idea to the local economy.

8. Hang out with other millionaires

Meeting real-life millionaires is difficult. You can spend time with them via books or other media.

In addition, your friends must have the desire to become multimillionaires.

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    I’d like to add: write down the goals that you need to become a millionaire and then write down what you need to do to achieve those goals.