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How to Become a Music Writer

How to Become a Music WriterSuccessful music writers are, doubtless, ultra-rich. That is why many young minds want to pursue the career of a music writer. After all, a music writer can make or break the career of a music icon. These popular singers are nothing without good music writers, but music writers themselves can be good and successful singers.

So, how do you become a music writer? There are many things that you can do in order to become a music writer, or more commonly known as song composer. This article will discuss at length the things that you would need in order to become successful at music composing.

Musicians are born

Before anything else, musicians are born. What does this phrase (which is almost a cliche) mean? Basically, in order to become a successful musician, you need to have the built-in skills of a musician. These skills are never acquired, they should already be on you. One can tell whether they have these built-in skills quite easily with this simple test: go out with your friends and sing at a karaoke bar or something – if your friends say that you can hit the notes, then maybe, just maybe, you have the making of a musician. However, if you see people with unfriendly gazes, then maybe it is high time for you to abandon this dream. Again, it would serve you well to remember this: musicians are born.

Educate yourself

This means that you need to attend music schools. If you indeed have the skills of a musician, then you need to enhance your skills further. Do not be too confident, you have to understand truly that your skills at this point are but marginal. If you wish to become the best at what you think you are good at, then you need to sharpen your skills even more by attending musical schools.

Write your own music

Generally, musicians know that they are born to make music. When you feel and when you have that conviction that you are, indeed, born to become a music writer, then you must experiment. In other words, you need to make your own music. If you have made one, then make more; make a portfolio. Later on, you can make use of this.

Show off your songs to your friends

This is one of the ways through which you can try out the marketability of your music. Basically, there are many musicians around the world, but not all musicians end up successful. While it is without doubt that all written songs are works of art, not all works of art are appreciated by the people. So, maybe just to try out the waters, you show off your songs at your friends.

What if they won’t like your music? Well, that certainly is not good news, but that is not completely a bad news either. At any rate, this should not discourage you since it only means that your friends’ musical taste is not as sophisticated as yours.

Try to work for successful music writers

Now, this is a pretty big leap, and a very critical one, too. If you make it to this point, it is safe to say that you have a good chance of being a big catch yourself.

You have to make good with this experience. In other words, learn from your bosses, study their techniques, both in the creation of music and in the marketing of the music as well.

Indeed, one can make a lot of money in music. But music is not about making money, per se. If your dream of becoming a top musician is driven by money, you will fail. Make music because it’s your passion to make music. Make music because you want the world to hear the voice that resonates from your heart. Make music because you are born to make music.

  • john p alright

    I found that having a digital recorder with you all the time (especially at night in my case) so as to record a tune when I hear one in my head. In the past I could not remember what I dreamed, and now I just hum it and go back to sleep.