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How to Become a Nicer Person

How to Become a Nicer Person PhotoWhen you notice yourself doing nothing but complain, whine and gossip, chances are you’re not happy with yourself. For the open-minded individuals, seeing the wrong side of them is something quite easy. Because of that, changing a bit of their attitude is quite easy, as well. However, instances wherein people get lost and the next thing they know is they’re already on the wrong path, still occur.

Now, do you consider yourself as one of these individuals? Do you feel like the changes you do don’t last for long? If so, better read this article and discover how you can bring out the nicer person in you.

Refrain from being intimidated

One of the major changes, when it comes to being nicer, is to erase the intimidation within you. To be intimidated or filled with fear can slow down the entire process of being a better person.

If you have a long list of enemies whether at school, at work or even in your neighborhood, it would be a perfect idea if you’ll be courageous enough to step up and apologize to each of them. Don’t think of who did the wrongdoing, the crucial thing is that you apologized.

Practice offering help when needed

Now that, you know how to apologize, next thing you must learn is how to offer help. There is a significant difference between offering help when needed and offering help to show off. It’s nicer to lend a hand only when the situation calls for it rather than helping others to show what you got and what they don’t. That’s far from being nice.

Listen more than you talk

A likeable person always knows how to listen. With that being said, it’s advisable to listen first and wait until the story ends before you start talking. Sometimes, people tend to be rude unintentionally because they don’t know the whole story. Listening will spare you from having enemies and starting over from step one.

You should also pay extra attention to what you’re saying. Digest what you heard and think twice before you say something.

Be loyal

Someone nice is someone loyal. Refrain from hanging out with those who can give you a free dinner. With or without the things you want, you should be loyal to all your friends. If you don’t like someone’s attitude, confront them about it using gentle words. It’s way better than simply vanishing into their lives without even telling why.

Learn how to sacrifice

Lastly and technically the most difficult step is to learn how to sacrifice. Nicer people have impeccable skills when it comes to sacrificing and giving way to others. It means you have to be the total opposite of a selfish individual.

However, in the process of learning how to sacrifice, you should also learn how to choose the people worthy of it.

If only all people are nice, this world will surely be better. However, we can’t erase the fact that unpleasant individuals also exist. That is why all you can do is to exert extra effort being extra nice. This way, you can encourage others to follow our footsteps.