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How to Become a Parasitologist

How to Become a Parasitologist PhotoThe path to become a parasitologist is not without difficulties. It is a field of discipline that will require you to have innate interest in the research of parasites and micro-organisms. There are actually very few professionals in this area of discipline that is why the opportunity for professional growth is quite high.

Get a bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree in biology or related courses is the appropriate diploma that can lead to your becoming a parasitologist. To get a degree in biology, you have to be good in science as well as math. A degree in biology or biochemistry is a strong foundation that can teach at least the essentials in the later study of parasitology.

While in the undergraduate school, it is best to join or attend research seminars that can enhance your knowledge of parasitology. This profession involves a lot of research and so it is advisable to be familiar with it right from the start.

Go for a master’s degree

To become a full-pledged parasitologist, you have to earn a master’s degree in this field. A strong research background in micro biology is important in this regard. The graduate course will introduce you to the in-depth study of parasitology and can cover both immuno and molecular parasitology among others.

Ph.D is also needed

To advance your career even further, a Ph.D in parasitology is also necessary. The focus of a doctoral degree is more on research and most schools will require their students to come up with a dissertation to get a doctoral degree. Having a Ph.D in parasitology can lead you to become the head of research and development of the company.

Career opportunities

Parasitologists are normally employed by the government and also private sector. They can be found in research laboratories of the government as well as in pharmaceutical companies. The field of parasitology is quite wide as it covers almost all living things like animals, plants, and human beings. This profession not only focuses on the study of parasites but also of their hosts. When a complete analysis is made, they are the ones who also formulate treatments of diseases caused by parasites.

While it may seem daunting for an ordinary person to become a parasitologist, it is actually not that difficult if you have the love for science. If you are in high school, try to get good grades in your science subjects and see if you have what it takes to be in this field.