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How to Become a Person Everyone Wants to Know

How to Become a Person Everyone Wants to Know PhotoAt one point in your life, you may have encountered or know someone who is exceptionally smart, friendly and adorable. Probably, you have secretly wished that you would also have such terrific charm.

Unfortunately, not everyone is endowed with intrinsic charisma. However, these useful hints will help you become the person everyone would love to know.

Radiate positive vibes

Everyone would love to know an individual who has an oozing energy towards life. Develop a positive attitude towards life. Believe that every problem has a solution. Most people would love to be with someone who makes them forget their problems.

Consider matters according to their value

When it’s a serious stuff, deal with it seriously. Do not fool yourself by joking when it is about your academic performance or work. When it is about light matters, then you can add some degree of fun. Crack your joke at the right time.

Be smart

Study hard and sharpen up your brain. People would love to know someone who is wise and is full of ideas. Even you wouldn’t love to be with a person who is like a pretty box but with nothing inside it. Study your lessons every day and do well in school.

Be a likeable person

No one would love to hang out or make friends with someone who is a snob, rude and negative. Be good to everyone, don’t start trouble and forgive and forget.

Respect other people

Keep in mind that every individual has his own free will. Respect other people’s opinions and ideas and be sensible with your jokes. Do not joke on stuff which the other person is serious about.

Also, never make fun of issues that are sensitive to the other individual. Identify whom you can joke with and those you can’t.

Love yourself

When you are contented with yourself and what you have, it will radiate to others. Feel good and comfortable about yourself but not to the point of being conceited and boastful. Care for others, as well.

Talk with sense

Many will adore an individual who talks with sense as compared to someone who utters tons of empty words. Talking indiscreetly can be overly annoying and obviously no one would love to be around such person.

Show genuine concern

Avoid bragging about how fashionable or how influential you are. Listen to others and ask questions. This will make them feel that you are interested in knowing them, and they will feel the same for you.

Do compulsive stuff

Engage in productive activities and meet new friends. Mingle with others. Instead of associating only with the same sex, talk to everyone.

Be confident with yourself

Everyone would love to be around someone who is confident and don’t allow others to influence how he/she values himself/herself.

You cannot please everybody, and it is also wrong to live your life pleasing others. However, with the right display of character and attitude, more would be enticed to know who you are.

  • http://www.effortlesshr.com/blog/ Tanya

    Look approachable. If you don’t look like you want people to come to you then they wont. Great tips, Loving yourself will show others that your confident and make others gather to you.