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How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist

How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist PhotoAs online social networking sites arise like Youtube, a lot of women are now aspiring to become professional makeup artists. Michelle Phan, a simple youtuber who does makeup tutorials might have one of the success stories when it comes to magnifying beauty.

Being a makeup artist is fun as you play with color palettes to be painted on a beautiful canvass called face. If you have that dream to being one, it is not impossible. To be a pro in this career, the secret is only skill and determination to get there. Here’s how below.

Practice makes perfect

Getting into this career requires a skill in coloring. If you have the talent in painting or drawing, good for you. But if you don’t, practice makes it perfect. To be a professional makeup artist, you do not have to graduate with a degree. You can have your passion for as long as you excel in this type of job.

Practice doing makeup on your friends or family. Whenever there are special occasions, volunteer to do makeup for them. This is the foundation wherein you are still able to play on palettes. You can mix and match. Also, you are able to observe and compare righthand what might be the dos and dont’s in doing makeup.

This will also be your basis on how people will see you as a makeup artist since you can ask honest opinions from the people you do makeup with.

Have a portfolio

How can you market yourself as a good makeup artist if you have nothing to prove? Therefore, creating a portfolio of your works of art would matter a lot in this business. Every time you do makeup for somebody, take a picture of the result. Compile it into an album and keep it for your future job opportunities.

Remember, your portfolio is your backbone and lifeline for you to have this career to be successful.

Get licensed

Although being a professional makeup artist does not require you to be a college graduate, licensing may be necessary for some reasons. If you want to work at a salon or any beauty spa, you cannot get the job not unless you have a license in cosmetology.

On the other hand, if you wish to enroll in any beauty schools, there are a lot of it online that you can choose from. Salons require a license to protect you from any lawsuits that might happen between you and your client. You must know basic sanitary guidelines when working as a makeup artist.

Market yourself

When you are all set with your skill and portfolio, the next big step is to market your skill. As a makeup artist, you have to look good by putting on makeup on yourself. You have to let clients trust your work and it would show by how you carry oneself.

Word of mouth from your friends would greatly help to get you more clients in the future too. You can start your career by doing bridal makeups before stepping up on bigger heights like fashion shoots or even theatres.

In the end, if you really have the passion of being a professional makeup artist, getting clients will be easy for you. Because once you enjoy your work, everything follows.