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How to Become a Publicist

How to Become a Publicist PhotoA person who is considered to be a publicist is one who is responsible for the publicity. Although it may sound like an easy job, a good publicist does not only create a positive image for his client but he also prevents any negativity to surround his client. People who have public relations specialists as a job work in almost numerous different kinds of fields. They even have clients who are singers, actors, celebrities and people from corporations and hospitals.

This career is considered as exciting, yet fast paced and difficult to break into. If you are interested in learning how to become a publicist, you have to learn some skills in writing, communications, event planning, image protection, marketing and business.

Do research

Seek for colleges that offer degrees in journalism, English, communication or in marketing. Studies in mass communication or in journalism can help you more when it comes to writing press releases and learning about the media law. However, a lot of individuals and firms would employ specialists who have degrees in business, marketing and in English.

Apply for an internship

Be an intern in firms for public relations and in other media outlets while you are still a student. This experience would give you more ideas about your field in the real world. It will also give you more knowledge which you can add on your resume when you start looking for a job. A lot of degree programs would require you to apply for internships before you can apply for an actual job. This will help you find the best job in the future.

Keep documents

Store any newspaper clips, press releases and other files that you can acquire while you are still in your college coursework or in your internship. You will be showing this to your potential employers and it will show them that you have the potential knowledge and skills needed for the position and the skills that you have honed outside the school.

Finding a job

Once you finish your internship, you have to finish your degree and graduate. Once you get your diploma and necessary certificates, you may apply for a job in the publicity field or in public relations. With the new generation today, there are websites that allow people to post their resumes online to be seen by potential employers. However, a lot of businesses still post on newspapers. Inquire on a job that would hire people in an entry level or as an assistant. These would be good positions for people who have newly graduated out from college.

Application process

Apply for a position in an opening and make sure you follow your employer’s instructions about tapes, resumes, clips and other requirements. You should also dress professionally for your application and interview. The employer would expect you to dress for the position that you are applying for. As publicists, you would mostly be meeting clients and face cameras and other media. This would tell you that employers expect you to have a friendly demeanor, personable attitude and a professional stature.