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How to Become a Snowboard Instructor

How to Become a Snowboard Instructor PhotoIf you want to play in the snow and you’re looking for a seasonal job, then become a snowboard instructor. The only bad thing about this is that, it doesn’t last. You can only be a snowboard instructor while there is snow in the mountains and it is safe for everyone to go outside.

This profession might be dangerous so you would need to be skilled and cautious before you teach someone else. Here are the steps on becoming a snowboard instructor:

Be a student

Before becoming a teacher, you must start on being a student. Learn the basics from a professional snowboard instructor. If self-taught, make sure that you are a competent rider. Earning achievements or awards from local competition might be a good thing for your resume.

You must study and gain experience on snowboarding for 3 to 6 years before you can officially teach someone. Train hard and try to be the one who’s being looked up to when it comes to snowboarding.

Research about the policies

Choose the mountain resort that you want to work for. Every snowboard mountain areas have its rules and requirements for snowboard instructors. Some of these are strict when it comes to the instructor’s appearances. Check on their policies and if you want to be hired, you must adhere to it and make necessary changes to yourself.  This is the right time where you might need to cut your hair, remove your tattoo, shave and other things. Before your hit their office, create a resume.

Attend job fairs

To secure a job easily, simply attend pre-season job fairs. In the US, mountain resorts hold job fairs between September to November for their different departments.

Complete your training

Be serious when it comes to training and on-hill assessments. Enjoy snowboarding and do your best to impress a certified staff. Show to them that you are a competent rider and you are very interested to become a snowboard instructor.

On the job

After all of your training and being hired, you would need to shadow or buddy up with senior snowboard instructors for quite some time. This is required to improve your teaching skills so you would need to pay attention on how the instructor gives the lesson to a customer.

Like any other professions, you would also need further training and enhancement of skills.  As a snowboard instructor you have to learn technical riding skills, build your name and gain official credentials to secure a future employment opportunity. Happy snowboarding!