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How to Become a Wise Consumer

How to Become a Wise Consumer Photo


People who don’t have a regular shopping schedule would technically end up visiting the grocery store a couple of times each month. On the other hand, those individuals who do have a regular shopping day would have a descent shopping schedule, oftentimes twice a month. Now, who do think is the wiser one? I bet you would say the one with the regular itinerary. Partly correct, but how does one really become a wiser shopper? Here are some useful tips.

Don’t rely on the eye level

Most items displayed on the eye level of the shelves and racks are those that are pricey. If you would just bend down a little bit, you will surely see similar items that are more affordable. And in fact, some better products are placed on the lower part of the rack. Take time to scrutinize each item, don’t purchase an item just because you saw the brand on TV.

Don’t shop with a time limit

One mistake of most people is that they shop on unlikable hours, such as a few minutes before picking up their child at school, or a couple of hours before their appointment with a doctor. Purchasing goods with a limited time often causes cramming. You would also have less time to check the product value, especially it price. To avoid this, be sure to allot a day and time for shopping only.

Don’t pay with card

Paying with a credit card will most likely enable you to shop ’till you drop. Since you know your card has enough cash you must not think much of overspending. Instead, just bring enough cash and leave your credit card at home. How can you overspend if you only have enough money to pay it? Basically, you’ll have no chance to overspend.

Check your pantry, make a list

“Why would I make a list, this is my monthly task – to shop.” It’s just typical for moms to rely on this kind of thinking. However it’s better to create a list every time you head to the grocery. There is then an assurance that what you will purchase are only those that are needed. Check your fridge and pantry and make a list ahead of time, and never same day that you will shop.

Avoid pre-packed food

Although the convenience of these pre-packed meals are undeniable, still it’s better to take time and do the mixing in your home. It won’t take you a whole day to do this task. Purchase sole food, do the mixing and fixing at home and store it in the freezer. This can help you avoid extra charges in pre-packed meals.

Buying in bulk doesn’t always mean “savings”

Although it’s clever to have a regular grocery schedule, that doesn’t mean you’re already a wise consumer. It’s just pointless to shop regularly but purchase items that are out of the list. Besides, shopping in bulk also calls for longer grocery time. If this is not possible due to a busy schedule, it’s better to have a 2 or 3-day shopping itinerary.