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How to Become a Workaholic

How to Become a Workaholic PhotoIt is a mystery why some people want to become a workaholic. Despite the danger it could bring and things that they might miss, there are still some individuals who wants to know how to become one.

If there are good reasons behind it and you feel that you really need to become a workaholic, then this should help you out. Here are some ways on how to keep you on a higher level of busyness.

Quarantine yourself

Not literally. This can be done in so many ways and it is a very effective strategy. Keeping yourself away from distraction is the best way on making yourself busy, productive and if it becomes habitual, you’ll be a certified workaholic. Check on the below to see what it means about putting yourself under quarantine.

  • Close Facebook, Twitter, games and other applications that might steal your attention from work.  Turn off the TV and stereo.
  • Shut the office door or if you are working inside a huge cubicle, post a “don’t disturb” sign. If you are working in a crowded environment, put a headset on and make everyone feel that you shouldn’t be disturbed.
  • Even if you are alone and busy on many things, make sure that you can be contacted by your clients, customers, your boss and your family.

Ask for more work

Get yourself flooded with piles of office papers, emails and phone calls. Know all the projects and work on deals that are needed to be closed. After that, ask your boss if you can assign those tasks to yourself. Always be the first in line when it comes to overtime.

If you remembered that you still have a home and you’ve decided to go, don’t forget to bring some office work with you. Treat one of the reports as your bed time story.

Get a part time job or start a business

If you are not satisfied, then get a part time job. You can get an online job, be a writer or you can start your own business.

Entrepreneurship, inventories, customer service and accounting would mean a lot of work for you. After your full time job, surely you won’t be thinking of what to do next if you have a business or a part time project. You’ll beat the party clown on juggling things when you’ve got all this.

Stay alive

You might be a workaholic today but not tomorrow or the coming days anymore. There are some reasons why you won’t be. It’s either you are badly sick or probably lying down in a golden casket.

If you don’t want to waste all your hard earned money to hospital bills or to that golden casket, then take good care of yourself. You can work on a lot of things but you also have to make sure that you are fit to do them all. Take your vitamins, eat, and sleep well. If you feel sick, take some time to rest and visit a doctor.

You may have found some benefits for being a very busy person which is why you are aiming to become one. Aside from this you also have to remember that it also has a very obvious side effect.  So keep your health up, do all this steps and you’ll be living the dream of a true workaholic person.