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How to Become an Automobile Designer

How to Become an Automobile Designer    PhotoYour talent in sketching, drawing and design is not enough to become an automobile designer. In car designing, there are a lot of things that you have to consider before creating a model so knowing much about physics, aesthetics, and complex automotive design is a necessity.

If you love cars, trucks, and vans, and you are dreaming to create one or at least create a design for one, then this job might satisfy you. Here are the steps to help you to become one good automobile designer.

Practice and Study

Practice your sketching or drawing skills while you’re young. This will give you a better chance of producing great outputs in the future. Join art and design classes to develop your skills in drawing. You also need to learn about physics and mathematics for crafting lightweight cars.

Enroll on car design classes

Visit schools with car design courses and ask the students about what exactly can you learn there. It is much better if you will enter a school that is close to car companies for a bigger chance of gaining a better knowledge about automotive design.

There are about 20 schools for automotive design nationwide and it will be difficult to get into one of them. Apply at more than one school and show off your skills. First you must have good grades in math, science and art subjects for a higher chance of qualifying.

Choose a specialty for automotive design

There are three areas for you to choose:

  • Exterior designer – decides the design for the outer appearance of the automobile
  • Interior designer – focuses more on interior design of cars
  • Color / Trim designer  – decides on what materials should be used on different parts of the car

Get a relevant college course

Here are the courses that you can take to become an automobile designer.

  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial design
  • Bachelor’s degree as an automotive engineer
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design – get a master’s degree for automobile design.

Regardless of your course, you must take up a Computer-Aided Drafting course (CAD) to gain skills on applying your design in computers.

Create a portfolio

Make a portfolio of your projects and works from your internship. Collate and place all of them in a professional looking portfolio which you will present to potential employers. You can also create a soft copy and send it thru email by attaching it to your online applications.

Your love and interest for cars is the main key that will bring you to success on this particular profession. To pursue this dream you must use that interest to learn more, gain skills and be an expert on the growing automobile market.