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How to Become an Illustrator

How to Become an Illustrator PhotoBecoming an illustrator is certainly a very charming job description. You have to invest in very little expect for a piece of paper or canvas and a few colored pencils, and you can probably even work at your own pace and at your own time. However, it takes quite some skill and dedication to master your craft and to make a real career out of it. Looking at those who have succeeded in this profession, here are just some tips on how to be an illustrator.

Keep studying

Some people learn to draw while some people are born to draw. Regardless of how you acquired your talent and no matter what your drawing style is. It is important to keep studying about the various arts and sciences behind the craft. Stay in tune with current trends and always observe other people’s work. You can visit art galleries or go to different sites in order to gain inspiration. You will never know as to where you will get that next great big idea, and your limits will only be bound by your creativity and imagination.

Keep drawing

Like anything, drawing and illustrating is something that must be honed and harnessed in order for it to improve. If you haven’t drawn anything in months, you might find that your abilities would diminish. Thus, it is important that you keep drawing so that  your abilities would not stale.

You can create an account on Flickr or Twitter and post your drawings there, and you can also make it a point to create weekly updates so you are basically forced to have some output at specific intervals. If you’re into drawing strips, then maybe you can create your own weekly series that other people would follow.

Build your portfolio

Based on your output, you can compile your best works and present them to companies. You can also point them towards your account so that they may be impressed with the quality and quantity of your work, as well as with your number of followers. If you are looking for either steady or part time work, this is a great way for you to be able to share your work to potential employees, which would further increase your chances of getting hired for future work.

Being an illustrator can be difficult especially if you’re relatively unknown. However, once you’ve gotten through the door, your career would eventually blossom especially if you turn in high quality work on time, and you would also eventually grow your following which would in turn translate to even more future work for you.