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How to Become an Immigration Lawyer

How to Become an Immigration Lawyer PhotoIf you were to become an immigration lawyer, your job is to resolve issues when it comes to processes concerning overseas. This includes giving assistance on immigration paperwork, business relocation outside the country and giving advice on how to become a U.S. permanent citizen.

An immigration lawyer’s duties can be classified as a very difficult job. If you want to have a profession as challenging as this, here are the steps.

Research for a school

Find yourself a law school where you can complete the undergraduate degree. A bachelor’s degree is required for you to be able to enter a law school. You can pick schools which have a solid reputation when it comes to law studies or immigration law to be specific. This will help you gain a bigger chance of getting hired and will give youthe best education about law.

Prepare for law school

Take the admission test for students who want to study about law (LSAT). After you passed, apply to a law school and get yourself admitted. Study about constitutional law, legal writing, property law and contracts on your first year and immigration law on your second.

Join clubs

While studying, join clubs of law students to stay current when it comes to immigration law updates and laws which involves naturalization. You can also apply for an internship in an immigration law firm or agency in your community.

Complete the law school

Graduate with honors if possible for a higher chance of employment and recommendation. Make sure to graduate in Juris Doctor (JD) degree.

Pass the bar exam

The next step is to get a license. Review your studies and get ready for a big examination. Take the Bar Examination and pass it to obtain a license. Passing this Bar Examination is a requirement for any lawyer so that they can practice law.

Apply for a job

Create an impressive curriculum vitae and include all skills you’ve gained together with the law school where you came from. Apply for the national agency if you want to get a wider experience in the world of immigration law. You can also work online or on other immigration law firms and agencies.

Once you became an immigration lawyer do not forget to keep yourself updated. Continue to receive current news about immigration law through online, by visiting the campus and the consulting back to the clubs whee you have joined before.