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How to Become an Organic Farmer

How to Become an Organic Farmer PhotoIt can be useful to know how to become an organic farmer. There is a greater emphasis today in buying organic as more people seem to be looking for this type of product. If the trend continues, then more organic farms and farmers will be needed.

Research organic methods of farming

Organic farming involves raising crops in a way that is different from traditional methods. A traditional farm would use chemical pesticides and fertilizers on the crops. An organic farm would stay away from these chemicals. Instead, it would prefer more natural methods of fertilizing plants and protecting them from pests.

There is a lot of information on organic farming online. This is a developing trend so there are regular updates to methods. You can also consider getting a related degree or diploma from school. You can check for relevant courses in colleges and universities.

Develop your system

Once you have absorbed information on organic farming, you need to make decisions. What process will your farm follow when it comes to growing crops? This process will be a comprehensive one. It will begin with the land itself, to the growing phase, all the way until harvesting.

You need to make sure that every part of the farming follows organic practices. This will allow you to call your product organic. This system needs to be detailed and written out. You will be submitting it for inspection to private and public groups.

Get certified

Once you have made sure that your methods are organic, seek certification. After all, you want to be able to promote yourself as organic. This will be one way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Certification bodies can be public or private.

You can check with the federal and state government for their certification procedures. Make sure that you are compliant, then apply. You can also apply with a number of private bodies which also certify farms. Make sure your farm is ready for the inspection.

Grow your crops

Once you’re certified, you can begin to farm for real. You will have to regularly make sure that your farm is complying with organic methods. You don’t want to find yourself using chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Make sure to protect your certification.

This means that your staff need to know about organic methods. You should also seek out markets which specialize in organic products. You want your customers to also appreciate what sets organic produce apart. That way, your efforts will be rewarded.

It takes time and effort to become an organic farmer. But if done properly, this method can bear many benefits. Make sure to keep these tips in mind throughout the process.