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How to Build a Diversified Portfolio

How to Build a Diversified Portfolio PhotoA diversified portfolio is a practice most people engaging in business know all too well. A diversified portfolio allows you to invest in a range of business that’s not related to each other.

Think of yourself playing in the game show “Million Dollar Money Drop”. Are you honestly willing to bet all your money at just one item or are you splitting your bet on several items?

The smart answer would be to split your money to reduce the risk of failure. To help you get from Point A (limited funds) to Point B (exponential funds), you need to learn the basic steps of building a diversified portfolio.

Here are 5 steps to build your diversified portfolio:

What’s the plan?

Always keep yourself updated with the latest trends, the tricks and the current market. Take the time to read and learn about stocks and what ventures are “in”. Trust this, knowing all you can, will save you from headaches and financial ruin.

As much as possible, ask for a detailed report on the investment progress. This will give you a clear overview on how the investment is doing so far.

Follow through

Once you’ve put your money on a venture, follow it through. Take interest in it and learn how things flow. Backing out will only cause confusion. People won’t also take you seriously when you keep backing out of a deal even before it starts to roll.

If you feel the boat is sinking, be the first to abandon the ship before it takes you and your money down with it. Never be afraid to say you made an investment mistake. There are no assurances that you’ll double or triple your money back. Predictions are smart guesses, but it’s not an assurance.

People always experience making a mistake, but a wise man takes the experience and learns from it.


As mentioned above; if you’re not sure with the outcome, always invest your money in different ventures. That way, if you lose on one business, it will only cripple you and not put you down permanently.

The trick to diversifying is to scatter your investment on totally different fields of business. You can invest anywhere from railroads, farm produce, hotels, clothing, electronics and more. Learn how to diversify your investments to lessen the risks involved.

Bond Ladder

A bond ladder is an investment that matures at different rates. It’s hugely much like a time deposit. Invest in both short term and long term bonds to spare you from interest rate fluctuations. The varying timeline allows you deal with different outcomes one at a time.

You also have the other choice to put the money you’ve acquired, from your previous bond, to fund your next bond. It allows you to “roll” your money. Take the time to learn more about bond ladders because it will help you big-time.

Seek guidance

Do you have enough money to cover an investment loss? If you’re new to this, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. Don’t be too proud and attempt to do it all on your own. People in the trade know the value of good advice especially if they come from the group of those who have years of experience. Guidance from a seasoned investor is valued more than its weight in gold.

To tie everything up, a diversified portfolio is always a smart choice. It’s an investment with a calculated risk. It might not help you earn money faster, but it will get you there safer. Remember—choose variety and don’t put everything in one investment.