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How to Build a Management Team

How to Build a Management Team Photo

Now that your business is steadily growing, it’s time to get a new management. No, you don’t need to sell your business. You just need to form a management team to help you handle it. Do you have to find people who are exact copies of yourself? Definitely, not. Diversity is essential. For more details, here are 10 tips on how to build a management team:

Make a list of the vacant positions

First off, you need to know the positions that need to be filled. Entrepreneur.com has a superb article that can help you start right in building your own management team. They have a list of the possible people you need to hire and the job description.

Make a list of possible candidates

If you already have a set of people in mind, that’s great. But remember that you need fresh eyes, so try to broaden your list.

Someone who knows the job

Check each candidate’s credentials. See if they match up with the job description. Check past records in previous employment. If they have been working for you, pull up their file and check their current job status and performance.

Compatibility with the company culture

If you’ll be getting someone from outside the current company, check their compatibility with your company culture. Let them sit around with a few people, and observe them.

Talk to the candidate’s peers

Their job performance might be beyond satisfactory, but if their interpersonal skills are poor, it’s not worth hiring them. Talk to their peers and co-workers. Find out if they are the same person in front of you and in front of their peers.

Someone who’s street-smart

Intelligence is one thing, but being street smart is an entirely different matter. Street-smart people see horizons the way they should be seen, without over-thinking and over-rationalizing.

Someone who’s willing to learn

A truly wise person knows when he can handle things himself and when he needs help. Find someone confident with his skills and competencies, but humble enough to be trained and honed.

Someone creative

Creativity is a key ingredient you need to look out for. Creative people can bring a new perspective and innovations to your company.

Test ability to work under pressure

Pressure is a part of the life of the management team. Make sure your candidate doesn’t crumble in pressure. Take a few test runs, if you have time. Do a few interviews.

Ask for examples

Lastly, during the final interview, don’t give superficial problems. Those can be answered easily. Instead, ask for specific examples that show their unique skills and managing abilities. Ask them to cite real situations that happened before that showcase their abilities.

Finding the right people will be hard if you have a specific character in mind. Remember, you need to include fresh eyes and new perspectives to the company. If there’s one thing in common you need to have with your team, it’s the same passion that you have for the business, and the same dedication you place in it.