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How to Build Business Relationships

Relationships are a key in making a business more successful. Lasting relationships are often the most profitable relationships that a business may come across with. Here are some ways on how to make a business relationship last.

1. Ask and give honest feedback

Constructive criticisms are always encouraged. These criticisms are always well-meant and aim at improving and performing better. It opens the communication for a deeper conversation. This is also the only way to gauge your clients’ perception of the overall business.

2. Listen emphatically

Listening is counter-intuitive. However, business owners will learn a lot when they know how to listen emphatically. Listening with understanding is a must if you want your business to thrive in the future. After all, the business exists to give voice to the consumers/clients.

3. Keep in touch

Businesses no longer have an excuse not to communicate with others. Bond and mingle with the most important clients, if you must, though not physically. Do it through social media.

4. Be honest at all times

Honesty is always appreciated by clients. You can never underestimate the power of telling the truth. Honesty is a virtue that lays the foundation of a lasting relationship. The golden rule still applies today.

5. Take down notes

Keep a record of the people that you meet along the way. Put keywords next to their names including when, how and where you meet them. You will surely get back to one of them in the future.

6. Give more

Concentrate on helping your clients instead of thinking of them as plain profit contributors. Avoid contacting a person when you only need something from him or her. This applies to all people – client or not. Make your clients realize that you are after their welfare. Be a friend to them. Never hesitate to give advice even if your business will not gain anything from it.

7. Be real

You need not appear professional for always. Be vulnerable at times. Be humble enough to admit mistakes and then, correct them. Re-create the value that the other party should be getting. This will earn your clients respect and trust in the process.

8. Make communication more personal

Express yourself often. Appreciate having doing business with a client. Send a ‘thank you’ note, but make sure that this is not the automated ‘thank you’ notes that clients often receive. Clients, who know that they are appreciated, will be valuable to the business in the future.

9. Be visible

Make your clients realize that you will be a constant figure in their lives. Don’t treat your clients as casual contacts. Instead, treat clients as personal acquaintances that may grow into steady friendships. People are more comfortable doing business with a friend.

10. Grow your credibility

Make yourself worthy of others’ confidence. Meet expectations or exceed them when your time and resources allow the business to do so. This can strengthen the relationship in no time.

It is imperative for any business owner to know how the business may further thrive through building lasting relationships. Remember that in any business, network means net worth.

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