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How to Buy a Home with No Money Down

How to Buy a Home with No Money Down Photo

When wanting to buy a home, it is very important to have a near perfect credit rating, even though your income is slightly higher than usual. Anything less would make it difficult for you to have a good payment plan, and getting a home without down payment can also be doubly difficult. However, there are quite some ways on how to buy a home with no money down, and here are just some methods that can aid you in doing just that.

Apply for a VA loan

Those who have served in the Army and have been discharged with good records are eligible to apply for a VA loan. These loans will help you pay with your mortgage, giving you more freedom to adjust your payment terms in such as way that no money down would be required. The amount of money that could be lent for this program depends on certain restrictions, as well as how long the individual has actually served.

Rural Housing Direct Loan

The Rural Housing Direct Loan is another loaning program that potential home owners may life to apply for. This program is handled by the Department of Agriculture, and is only applicable for when purchasing a home in a rural area. These would help minimize or even eliminate closing costs and down payments altogether, although you might still have to pay certain fees depending on the applicant’s current credit history, income, and other factors

Finding the right agent

Getting a trustworthy real estate agent is very important, regardless of whether you have the money to purchase a home with money down or not. Don’t hesitate to take your business elsewhere if your broker gives out responses to the likes of “no problem” or “let me handle it” as you might find yourself paying for something that is way beyond your budget.

A broker that has your best interests in mind would first ask for your budget and other options with regards to payment, and this is something that you should answer honestly, before they would come up with plans that would suit your preferences.

They can also make arrangements for you in a way that they can transfer certain payments and fees in your monthly mortgage so that you will not have to pay a large sum up front.

There are several ways to purchase a home that requires no down payment. Research all your available options and go with the best option based on your situation. Handle it wisely and you will have a nice home to call your own and your mortgage will not be a headache once the monthly bills come along.