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How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for Profit

How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for Profit PhotoIf you are looking for some income potential activity online, buying and then selling domain names for some revenue would be ideal, if undertaken the right way. Armed with basic knowledge, coupled with the willingness to learn more and put in some real work effort into it, earning some nice profits from the buy and sell of domain names is relatively easy. You just need to pay attention to some crucial factors.

Used to identify a website, a domain name consist of a significant word or group of words. It is utilize to conceal the real ID or IP address of a website. Domain names make the address of a particular website easier to remember. That is why buyers are clamoring to obtain the most exact generic keyword to a particular website to make its presence felt in the web and make it easier to memorize. This makes search engines able to “see” these sites easier.

Understanding what makes a domain name valuable

You just can’t buy any domain name that you see or fancy. You need to choose which domain name would be valuable. To be able to differentiate what are the valuable ones from those that are not, you need to learn the criteria that will enable you how to choose a domain name. There are various online tools that will help you find domain names that will meet such criteria.

Find quality generic keyword that have selling potential

One of the most crucial things considered for ascertaining the worth of a domain name is if it corresponds to an exact generic keyword. There are premium domain names that are worth millions of dollars such as cars.com, toys.com and such many others, which are way beyond your budget. Despite the fantastic worth of these high-caliber domain names, you can definitely find excellent generic keyword domain names for a much cheaper price and sell it for a nice profit. More importantly, choose names that have selling potential.

Search for the crucial decisive factors

With the help of online tools, find domain names that have a high page ranking and that are about to expire or have already expired since you can resell them for a nice profit. Many domain name owners forget to renew these domain names, which makes it available for the taking. You should also look for the number of back links to the site. The higher the links, the better is the domain name.

Selling the

After purchasing the domain, you are now ready to sell it.  There are several ways which you can utilize to facilitate the selling of your domain.

  • Auction it off at popular sites. You can advertise your domain name on popular sites that cater to these type of transactions by having it listed in sites such as Go Daddy. Many buyers visit the site and would probably see your domain name. These sites will usually retain a percentage of the sale of your domain name and if you are not expecting a mega-sale, the commission would eat up your marginalized profit. You would profit more if you will do your own advertising and promotion.
  • Make your own website and advertise your purchased domain names there. This may take some effort but if your will think of the long-term benefit of having your own site where you can advertise your purchased domain names, this idea is worth the try.
  • Utilize the vast network of social media. You can always utilize the vast world of social media to promote your domain name such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more media sites. You can do this for free and you would be able to reach out to many more internet users who might have no intention at first to buy domain names.
  • Pursue the end-users. If you really think that the domain name you have purchased has a great potential, you can go after the specific end-users who might be interested in buying your domain name. Using another yet helpful online tools, you can search for sites whose services or products or topic are more or less the same with the keywords of the domain name you are selling.
  • Free forums and sites. There are sites and forums that will allow you to list your domain name for sale, for free. Just ensure that you will price your domain name moderately to be able to get a sale. These sites would be flooded by other resellers too; hence competition would be pretty thick.

There are many other sensible ways which you can utilize to be able to make a good buy and a fantastic resell of your purchased domain names. The web offers several handy tools that will make your effort efficient and faster. These tools are usually free so sensibly utilize these to help you make a nice profit in the buy and sell of domain names. More importantly, be on the lookout for new buzzwords in the net and strive to always keep abreast of anything new relative to your chosen endeavor. Sweat it out and put in time and effort if you really want to make some nice revenue out of buying and selling domain names.