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How to Buy Goods from Second Hand Stores

How to Buy Goods from Second Hand StoresBuying goods in second hand shops are a great way to save on your budget. This shopping option offers you an effective method of obtaining an item at a lower price with a quality as good as new if you are able to choose an item sensibly.

A second hand shop obviously offers an immediate advantage to the store owner, as well as to shoppers provided that they are equipped with appropriate knowledge and ideas on how to make the best buys.

However, if you are new to this shopping method, here are basic and helpful tips that are useful to you. The first thing to do is:

Find a reliable second hand store

In most places, it is very usual to see lots of second hand shops and thrift stores. Avoid those fly-by-night second hand dealers. And take a look at those shops:

  • Which have long been existing in your place
  • Which have positive feedbacks from people you know
  • Have regular customers patronizing
  • Will answer any of your concerns
  • Accept items you wish to return (like clothing which don’t fit you well)

Look for pleasant looking shops

Some Second hand shops may tend to just put together items in a display together while others group them accordingly. Choose to shop in a thrift shop with a systematic way of organizing their stuff, in order for you to have a greater chance of finding a good item or something you are looking for.

Begin by visiting most famous second hand shops in your town. In no time you will be able to figure out which shop will likely allow you to find the item you need more easily.

Make use of the dressing room

If you think a clothing item will look good on you, you can try wearing it on. However, if you want to wash the item before you try it, you can purchase then wash it at home and try it.


Inspect every product that you are about to purchase. See to it that clothes are not missing a button, or electrical items are working properly. Always double check an item for safety.

Take note of other useful items

A second hand shop is also a good place to purchase kitchen wares as well as home furnishings. You will be able to purchase, pots, dishes, pans and glasses at a good price in thrift stores. Also, you can chose from a lot of furnishings and home decors which may only need a slight repair or cleaning.

On the other hand, if the items and home decors you purchase in a second hand shop may not match together, you can always consider repainting it to create a blending hue.


Even thrift stores have regular discount days, color coded tag discounts or even seasonal discounts. Always look out for schedule on these kinds of sales to avail the cheapest prices to be offered by the shops.

But if you don’t find discount sale cool, then you can just do your regular shopping day. After all, there is never a bad time to shop at a second hand shop. It is indeed a frugal pursuit.

  • http://www.effortlesshr.com/blog/ Tanya

    Great tips! I hate trying things on in the store. I like to ask if I can return something if it doesn’t fit right. Timing is a good one, The shop I like in my hometown does different deals on different days of the week, you have to make sure you go on the right day for whatever sale you are trying to get.