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How to Buy Healthy Food on a Budget

How to Buy Healthy Food on a Budget PhotoLiving healthy is what most households want to achieve. A healthy lifestyle is quite effective in creating a healthier household but also healthier wallets, credit cards and bank accounts.

For most people, shifting to a healthier lifestyle is budget-friendly. But what if you’re already on a tight budget? Is there a way to purchase healthy food or should you stick with pure sandwiches and stale food? Read along and answer these questions.

Shop at the farmer’s market

If you can’t handle the price at typical supermarkets, it’s highly advisable to drive around and search for a farmer’s market. Most cities have their local market that sells goods direct from the farm. This is the perfect place to obtain cheaper and healthier raw food.

Be creative

Many individuals think that healthy meals call for a long list of the grocery list. All kinds of green leafy veggies, rice of different colors and herbs of all kinds – all these can truly eat up a fractional part of your finances. That is why being extra creative is a perfect answer for those who have a tight budget.

It’s not necessary to follow the old style of cooking, you can skip certain spices or veggies that you think are just too expensive. Nevertheless you should still ensure that the meal tastes good and that it remains health-friendly.

Go for extenders

Some healthy meals call for lots of fish and veggies. Instead of purchasing fish alone, you can incorporate brown rice. It will serve as an extender which will spare you from spending a lot of fish. If you have extra pasta at home, you can also use pasta instead of brown rice.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow recipe books 100%. You can make small changes as long as you’re not totally erasing the main essence of the food.

Never scratch off the oats

Regardless of what meal you’re cooking, one healthy meal rule is that you should never scratch off the oats on your grocery list. If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for the cheaper brand of oats as long as their nutrition facts are quite similar. Oats are not only budget-friendly and healthy; they’re also perfect for all kinds of meals.

You can also experiment with them by adding honey or other taste enhancers that won’t ruin your budget.

Focus on the cut

When purchasing meat, it’s best to go for the less expensive cuts. Meats are technically similar but their price differs on the cut. Just stay away from too much fat and too much skin especially on chicken. This way, you’ll be safe from ruining your healthy lifestyle and your budget.

With the tough economy we’re experiencing today, healthy food such as veggies, whole wheat and fruits also tend to be pricey. Despite that, there are still other alternatives for you to save up. Having a tight budget doesn’t call for a change of lifestyle, it just calls for a healthier and more creative way of living.