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How to Buy Makeup on a Budget

How to Buy Makeup on a BudgetHaving a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t stay pretty and glamorous on any upcoming event you’ll attend to.

Whatever financial challenge you have, there will always be certain ways for you to dress well and look good.

Wondering how you can shop for new makeup while having a tight budget? Here’s how.

Double-duty makeup

When shopping for makeup, the first thing you should look for are the double-duty ones. There are those moisturizers that are at the same time, contains sunscreen. There are also color sticks that give life to your cheeks and lips.

Most dual-purpose makeup’s call for serious package reading, thus you can also ask the saleslady for further assistance, and you never know perhaps you’ll bump onto a better deal.

Home remedies

If you’re actually running out of cash, and can’t think of any other way to purchase makeup, look around your house and utilize household items into makeup.

Aside from using Vaseline as a hand cream, you can also use it as a moisturizer and even lip gloss. You can also substitute your typical makeup remover with olive oil or soy oil. Simply sub it on your face and rinse with lukewarm water.

If not, you can use baby wipes instead. Both are quite effective even with eye makeup.

Make a list before shopping

A never-dying tip to those who want to live on a budget is to make a list. This way, you’ll refrain from visiting other racks in the makeup section that you don’t even need to visit.

By doing so and by following the double-duty makeup tip you will be shocked at how much cash you will save.

Choose a budget bracket

Whether you use makeup most of the time, or only seldom, it’s wise to choose a right budget bracket. This is also perfect for impulse buyers.

If your budget bracket is $60-$70, then you should be strict about it. You should also ensure that what you’ll purchase are only those that you badly need.

Better check your makeup kit as well before you finalize your budget bracket.

Always opt for high quality

As much as you want to save up, buying extremely cheap makeup is just not advisable. The price may be too tempting, but a cheap one is not always the right answer. You never know, maybe it will last for only 3days of consecutive use; worse case, it might cause skin problems.

Regardless of your budget, it’s always wise to go for high quality makeup. Branded ones are not necessary, just be sure that you’ll buy one that is already tested and proven safe.

The moment girls step on their teenage year that is also the time when they become conscious of how they look. Seeing those models on TV and billboards gives them a stronger urge to try makeups, and the next thing they know, they can’t live without it anymore. There’s nothing wrong with beautifying oneself, you just have to be responsible enough especially when spending your hard-earned cash.