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How to Challenge Yourself at Work

How to Challenge Yourself at WorkMany people have lazy days. It’s not easy to get up in the morning knowing you’ll be working for the next 9 hours and commuting for the other 2 hours. Instead of bemoaning the lack of challenge at work, do something about it! Challenging yourself will not only perk up a dull day, it can also improve your productivity. Who knows, you might get a promotion with that new attitude.

Here are 5 ways to challenge yourself in the office:

Do something extra

A routine may bring order, but it can get pretty unexciting. Imagine doing the same task every day for 3 years straight— does it make you want to gnash your teeth? Try to do tasks that are not necessarily on your job description. Try something new like practicing a new task or learning a new skill. You can never go wrong with an extra skill set. People in the office will notice your initiative and follow it. Who knows? Your boss might just need that extra skill you’ve learned.

Go out of your comfort zone

Shake things up a bit and try something new. Challenge yourself to perform a task you wouldn’t normally volunteer to do. You can start by learning how to operate the fax machine or how to scan and file documents. Doing something you wouldn’t normally do can empower you to do greater things.

Smile in the face of stress

In a tight deadline? Frowns can stress your co-workers even more. Instead of looking harassed and irritable, turn your frown upside- down. You’ll be surprised at how faster and easier things flow just by using the right attitude. A sincere smile can make you look confident and in charge of the situation. The management will see you handling yourself well under pressure.

Friendly competition

Not all competitions are unsuitable. Some of the benefits of friendly competition are bonding and interaction. Being competitive without sounding obnoxious or overbearing is not easy. You want to look confident and driven. Keep the competition clean and friendly by avoiding saying anything derogatory or mean to anyone. As the saying goes, “don’t step on other people while you’re climbing the corporate ladder because the hand that can save you, might just be attached to the man you stepped on.”

Take charge

Don’t wait for others to help you in your career. Do what you need to do and then some. Take the initiative to get what you want on your own. Be self-reliant and independent. Of course, you need to develop certain skills before anything else.

Take the time to read all 5 steps and commit them to your memory. A challenge can bring out the best, as well as, the worst in a person so be prepared. To succeed, you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to take on the task you set your eye on. Nothing worthwhile is easy to achieve. It takes time, patience and a good deal of will to succeed. Challenge yourself not to show others that you can do it but rather to show yourself that you can achieve bigger and greater things.

  • http://www.effortlesshr.com/blog/ Tanya

    Adding an extra bit of challenge is always a great way of not getting in a rut with work. It gets to boring if your not challenging yourself. Great tips!