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How to Change Your Perspective

How to Change Your Perspective PhotoPeople grow up with at least one limiting belief about themselves – may it be about career, skills, talents, wealth or intelligence. But what if they were wrong? What if what people grew up to believe in wasn’t the whole truth? Is it still possible to change a person’s perspective?

There are just four important things you initially need to do. Here’s how you can change one’s perspective:

Open your mind

You can’t have the courage to do something different or new if you do not open yourself to new possibilities. There are a lot of people who have gone their way all their lives just because they don’t listen to other people – not even their friends nor family.

Consider that there are a lot of options or perspectives other than what you are thinking right now. Try to recognize these to to be able to have another view of a different angle in life.

Seek out more information

If you are having a hard time in changing your perspective, try to read books or research through the internet. There are a lot of ideas about changing one’s outlook. The American Psychological Association (APA) is one of those who have the largest number of psychologists who help spread the knowledge of human psychology.

But if possible, try to seek it through other people. Emotional connection between your friends and family would greatly affect how you see oneself. These emotions that you feel when you listen to them helps you compare yourself to understand more. Especially when you get to meet a very influential and charismatic person, your perspective will change faster than you think.

Try it once

There is no better teacher than personal experience. All people have outrageous thoughts, dreams and aspirations. To change your perspective, you need to try new things, go to new places and experience everything. Sooner than later, you’ll realize that there’s a bigger world out there and the self-limiting beliefs you grew up with slowly fades away.

Travel if you can. Live with other people. People living in different environment usually have different views. Try to learn from them and apply it to your own point of view.

Fast forward time

To be able to change your perspective, give yourself time and space. And try to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will my decisions affect me in the next 10 years?
  • If I change my perspective, how would it be the next 10 years?
  • How would I want people to see me if I change my perspective this way?

Try contemplating on the following questions and imagine how your life would look like if it were different. In this way, you would be more rational in making and weighing decisions.

Changing your perspective isn’t easy. But when you do, make it to a point to have a balanced perspective between the negatives and positives. No one is perfect to create the best perspective in life but recognizing failures is the best way to learn once a perspective has gone wrong.