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How to Choose a Company Name

How to Choose a Company Name PhotoBusinessmen need to know the importance of having a good name for the company. It can make or break a business. The name should own what the business is all about. If not, their target audience won’t be able to notice the business and you might end up having less clients in the process. But, there are more things that you need to do to choose the right company name. Here are more tips on how to choose a company name:

Be unique

It has always been a trend in the business world to keep your company name unique. There are a lot of advantages to having a unique company name. First, your target audience will surely remember your company name making you the first thing they will remember when they need your products. Second, you get to have a good impression on new and potential clients. And lastly, a unique name resonates throughout other people making it a simple marketing strategy. Keep in mind that when you choose a name for your company, try to keep it short. Also, keep your company name alphabetically friendly.


Once you have decided to name your company, try to make sure that you are able to fully use the name without any legal problems. There are a lot of companies that have the same name and end up fighting the legal battle for it. Do not cross this line and make sure you run a trademark search to avoid having any duplicate name.

Keep it simple

Sometimes when we try to be unique, we end up having a very complicated word to pronounce. This should not be the case. Try to keep things simple as possible. By making it easier to spell for your target audience, you are making it easier to remember.

Hire a professional

If you are having roadblocks to naming your company, then you might want to seek a professional to do it for you. Keep in mind that professionals can be hired to do things for you. They must also realize that they also need some of your input to come up with the company name. Try to communicate with the expert on how you want to name your company. Explain what you want and what your vision is when it comes to your company name.


It is best that you try to test your name if it is acceptable for your audience. Get your friends and family together and let them have an honest opinion about your current company name. Ask for their advice and opinion on what to change and what to retain with your current company name and apply them. Once you are done, present it again and see what happens.