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How to Choose a Realtor

How to Choose a Realtor PhotoIt is very important to choose a realtor that’s right for your exact needs. It is one of the most important decisions one has to do in selling a home or buying one.

Just how does one do that? Well… below are practical information that’s helpful. Read on before making a choice.

1. Interview your agent

One of the things people fail to do when choosing a realtor is interviewing them. For starters, you’re hiring them so you’ll have to find out how well they’ve worked in the past. Start by asking about your agent’s experience. Let him tell you about his capabilities and how he can help you today.

  • Ask your agent how long he’s been selling or buying homes and if he has a license
  • Allow him to make you understand how he can advertize your home
  • He / she should be able to describe the market today
  • Your agent should know the prices of the homes that were sold in the area.
  • Ask your agent how many homes has he sold this year. It’s equally important to know how fast he does this.

2. Make picks then choose

Just as hiring officers choose an employee from applicants, you too should choose from a pool. What you could do is:

  • Ask family and friends for referrals. Does a name keep coming up? Add him / her to your list.
  • Make rounds around the neighborhood. Look at the names of the agents that are posted. Does a name come up more often? Consider calling him for an interview.

After you’ve made your top choices, call them. Try meeting with them and get a feel of how they could help you. Then pick one to be your agent.

3. Research

In buying or selling a home, you do research don’t you? Do this as well when choosing a realtor.

Look up their names and the agencies they belong to in the internet. If they have their own website, the better. These sites incorporate a “reviews” page. Find out what past clients say about these agents.

Web sites such as Zillow provide reviews for agents. Find out what others say about agents in your area.

4. Choose an agent with a specialization

Realtors with specializations on a kind of property are more knowledgeable on the pricing and marketing in that area. If you need an agent who’s sold homes worth $300,000, don’t choose an agent who’s used to doing $1,000,000 deals.

Choosing a realtor is an important factor in successfully buying or selling a home. To get the right one for you, don’t be afraid to research about him. Interview your realtor. They want that as well.