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How to Choose a Recruitment Agency

How to Choose a Recruitment Agency PhotoChoosing a good recruitment agency is necessary if you want to save time when it comes to staffing. It is very difficult and time consuming to review hundreds of applicants out there who are competing for the same position. To save you the time and for a more effective way of getting the right person for the job, you can leave the dirty work to recruitment agencies. Here are the following steps on selecting the best agency to do the staff screening for you:

Find what you need

Determine what kind of staff you need for your business before going to agencies.Check whether you want temporary staffing or entry-level staff.


Check the internet and make a list of potential agencies. Review what kind of agencies they are, their specialties and feedbacks about their services. There are agencies that specialize in one area of skill such as janitorial, administrative work, security and others.

Gather information about them and include their history, reputation and policies on your research. You can also ask for references. Make a shortlist of agencies that matches what you are looking for.

Make phone calls

Contact the agencies in your shortlist and ask them about their experiences and types of clients that they’ve had. Ask them about their success rates, other benefits that they offer and what do you expect after you sign with the agency.

Call the companies or references that were given to you to hear what they are going to say about the employment agency. Highlight details that could be relevant to your business.

Keep in touch

Determine what kind of communication you are going to maintain with the agencies on your shortlist. It is very important to fix issues in the future in case that there will be any. Give you contact numbers and make sure to get theirs as well as their email address.

Make a deal

Before making a decision, make some investigations about how agencies handle their personnel and how they are being commissioned. Make sure that the personnel are getting enough of what you pay the agencies. Do not just close a deal with agencies who offer a very low price for their personnel. Conduct a test (if you must) before signing up with agencies.

Saving your business some time on hiring individuals is a very big move to reduce the cost and increase your productivity by doing something else that needs your quick attention. Even though it may look like an easy-win deal, you still have to be careful and picky when it comes to the sole agency whom you will entrust your staffing needs.