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How to Claim Unemployment Benefit

How to Claim Unemployment Benefit Photo

Everyone will need a financial source to get along with the everyday demands of living especially when unemployed. Naturally, unemployed individuals are not exempted from bills and other living expenses. Thus, unemployment benefits are useful for these individuals to continue living on.

Most often, individuals who depend on benefits gains negative publicity. However, claiming benefits is your right since you are legally entitled to it.

In line with this you need to identify the benefits you are entitled to as an unemployed individual and learn the process on how to claim it.

Child Benefit

This can be both enjoyed by employed and unemployed citizens. It is tax free and can be claimed if:

  • You have children under 16 to 20 years old.
  • You are taking care of a child (but not necessarily have to be the parent), or
  • You are not living with your kid and have to pay for someone to take care of the child.

In order to claim for this benefit, you need to submit a completely filled up claim form. This form is also given to new mothers after giving birth. You need to submit the form along with your child’s birth certificate or the adoption paper.

Housing Benefit

A housing benefit will be useful in paying for your monthly rent for a home. This benefit can also be claimed by employed individuals but are earning less than a specified amount.

Individuals who can claim for a housing benefit will include those:

  • Individuals who are renting a home
  • Those who have no income, or
  • Those who have low incomes with inadequate savings.

On the other hand, you may be denied for such benefit if:

  • You are only seeking  for a safety haven
  • You are living in your relative’s home
  • You are a student who attends school on a full-time basis
  • You are under twenty five years old, is single and is not living on a single shared accommodation
  • You are living with a spouse or partner and he/she is already receiving a housing benefit

To claim for a housing benefit, you need to inquire and coordinate with the local council in your area.

Jobseeker’s Allowance

A Jobseeker’s allowance is given to those who are unemployed and actively looking for a job. Most often, this benefit will also vary according to age and eligibility.

This benefit can be claimed by an online application or coordinating to your local council.

Council Tax Benefit

This is used in paying for the council tax bill.

Individuals who are eligible to apply for a council tax benefit include:

  • Those who have low income or without any income at all.
  • Have savings but below a specified amount
  • Individuals who are renting a home, as well as those who are not, may also apply for this benefit.

A council tax benefit will not be directly received but is deducted from the council tax bill.

The process in applying for this type of benefit is similar to the application process for a housing benefit. You will also need to coordinate with your local council when applying for this benefit.