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How to Close a Deal

How to Close a Deal PhotoBeing in sales does not count the number of clients you’ve talked to but on the number of deals you have closed. It’s the act of the client buying your product that matters most. But this is also the most difficult part in selling.

According to Outbound Excellence, nearly 12.3% of the jobs in the US are full time sales positions. If getting that “yes” from clients could be that hard, then why are there such a percent of sales people who seem to be satisfied with their jobs?  Well, learn it to earn it. Here are some tips to close a sales deal.

Timing is everything

Sometimes being on the right timing is based on luck. But timing is essential in closing deals. Given for example a client who just lost a loved one or had a financial health struggle, he would less likely give in to your deals. The fact that he is emotionally down and financially drained, one has no time to lose cash for something he might not see as a priority as of now.

Closing a deal on Mondays might not be a good idea too. Mondays are the busiest days of businessmen. You would less likely get the chance to talk to them or even get a schedule. Thursdays are the best day to call, according to studies made by Dr. James Oldroyd from the Kellogg School of Management.

Emphasize value for money

Clients buy products if they feel that these are beneficial for them. Let clients build trust to your products by showing to them how your products can support their needs. Convince them that you have the capacity to provide their needs. The more specific you are in explaining these to your clients the better you can gain their trust in your company.

Once you build this with your client, you don’t have to go beyond to price decreasing. For as long as your clients understand and find the value for their money, they would be willing to pay no matter how much your products will cost.

Use some pressure sales

Sometimes, when all else fails, sales agents use the sense of urgency. Sometimes there’s a need to bluff just to get that one push to let clients buy. An example would be giving a discount only if your client is willing to buy on that instant. You could also use this strategy if your client is buying it on spot cash.

Also, using a limited offer on some of your items is a good technique. This lets clients make a decision to buy it now or regret it later. Emphasizing that there are a lot of other clients eager for it, would make the buyer think twice not to miss this opportunity that has been given.

Have a good closing remark

A good closing statement sums up your sales talk with your buyer. Ask a client’s opinion by saying, “So how do you see it so far?” or “Which one do you prefer?” Let clients feel that you value their opinions by giving them time to express themselves. It’s not just you who does the talking. Remember, selling is a two-way process.

Use validating questions at the end to also give you an idea if a client has a chance of purchasing your products or not.

Closing a deal requires talent and skills. Sales may be a talent-based profession but it can also be learned. In the end, it is about learning the right ways, applying it and modifying it to close the deal. These are the keys to a successful sale.