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How to Conduct an Interview

How to Conduct an Interview Photo

It can be useful to learn how to conduct an interview. It might have something to do with your job. It might be good to know if you expect to be interviewed. Or you might just be curious.

Here are a few tips that might help you in conducting an interview:

Set up the criteria

If you’re going to conduct an interview, you need to know what it’s for. Are you looking for an employee at your company? Or are you just looking for an intern or volunteer? You need to know what it is you need in an applicant.

The criteria will be the basis for the questions that you’re going to ask. Through questions, you’ll probe to check for the applicant’s qualities. Ideally, you should be specific about the criteria you want. It should be measurable so you can better compare applicants with each other.

Prepare preliminary questions

Ideally, you won’t jump right into the meat of the interview. You’ll want to have some preliminary questions. These will be used to let the candidate relax and be more at ease. Hopefully this will allow the applicant to give answers more freely.

The questions will also allow you to better get to know the applicant. The personality of the applicant will be able to surface. This will help you check if the person is a good fit. After all, each company or organization has its own culture.

Ask the heavy questions

Since you have the criteria, you can prepare a list of questions. This is the meat of the interview. The questions will be used to better understand the applicant’s qualifications. This goes to the person’s capabilities and skills.

You will not just ask questions and receive answers. You will be probing with follow up questions. This will also allow you to gauge how honest the applicant is. You can also determine just how much expertise the applicant has.

Let the applicant ask questions

Once you’re done, you can give the applicant the chance to ask questions. This part isn’t just about providing information to the applicant. You need to consider the questions the person is asking.

Do the questions show that the applicant has good knowledge of your company? Do the questions show passion or enthusiasm about your industry? Are the questions intelligent and well-thought-out? The questions asked will give you more insight into the applicant.

It can be tricky to conduct an interview. You need to be able to read between the lines. So just keep this advice in mind and prepare well. This will help make the interview a success.