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How to Confirm a Job Offer

How to Confirm a Job Offer PhotoWhen you’re offered a job, be certain of what you are accepting or declining. Don’t think twice if you want to ask something and be sure you get the right answer for it. Before the conversation ends, you should also ensure that every issue is cleared.

Despite that fact that we usually receive and accept offers verbally, still it’s polite to formalize everything.

Here’s a brief guide to help you out.

Take notes and ask for a written job offer

Assuming that you were talking to a recruiter, and the job topic was all laid out, the exact first step you should do would be taking notes on whatever the recruiter is talking about.

Be sure you perfectly understand everything. Once he’s done, thank him and politely ask for a written copy of the job offer. This is where you’ll compare your notes.

Take away the cobwebs

If you have any question about the comparison of your notes with the written offer, it would be advisable to highlight it. Any confusion about the position, salary and benefits should also be highlighted so that you won’t forget to ask about it.

You should also clarify your start date to ensure that you won’t greet the new company with consecutive absences.

Formalize with a letter

Now that, everything’s clear, it’s time to send the recruiter a job acceptance letter. This will serve as your confirmation that you accepted the job and that you agree with all terms and conditions discussed with the recruiter.

Your letter should include the following:

  • Appreciation and thanks for the given opportunity
  • Written acceptance of the offer
  • Terms and conditions of the employment
  • Salary and benefits clarification
  • Start date based what was agreed upon

This should be addressed to the recruiter and not to the company itself. You should also ensure that your contact details can be found in the letter even if it’s already in the recruiter’s files.

Withdraw other applications

Last and final step is to withdraw all the other applications you’ve made. Although this is not necessary, still it’s advisable to do so.

By declining all offers, you’re also saying that you will be fully working with one company only. Just like accepting a job, declining one should also be done professionally. It’s not necessary though that you submit a letter of job offer declination, a well-mannered chat over the phone is enough.

Spreading your resume and applying for various jobs will give you a higher chance of being contacted by a recruiter. Once this happens, you should remain composed instead of screaming out of happiness over the phone. Keep in mind that every call you receive from a recruiter is a sign that you’re actually worth employing.

With that being said, you should give the company more reasons to pursue their contact with you. This can be done through sending a job acceptance letter not only as a sign that you accepted it but also a sign that you know what professionalism truly means.

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