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How to Control Employees

How to Control Employees PhotoWhen you are a new manager, the most basic question that you need to answer with urgency is how to control the employees. As a new boss, especially if you are young, you will see that managing your team will be especially difficult. Basically, at this stage, your primary challenge is to make your employees believe with conviction that you are a capable leader.

So, how do you control your employees? Here are some tips:

Set your goals

During your first meeting with your employees, you need to establish immediately what your aims for the company are. You have to set a deadline, and you have to make your objectives clear. Your employees will know if you do not have a clear direction, and they have little respect for a boss with no direction.

Be decisive

Upon setting and establishing your goals, you now must follow this up with action. As a manager, you have to make sure that everyone in your company does what they are supposed to do. Check out updates and progress from your section heads on a regular basis to ensure that everything is on the right track. When you encounter problematic employees, you have to deal with them at once. You cannot afford to let them do what they have been used to do because they are going to ruin the entire work force, and they will make you look indecisive.

Be democratic

An effective manager does not control his employees with an iron fist. This method may have been effective several scores of years ago, but this is now considered inhuman and largely ineffective in the 21st century world. One can now control his employees by knowing the principles of democracy. Basically, the manager does not hold the monopoly of knowledge and power in the organization. As much as possible, important decisions, given the sufficiency of time, must be made consultatively and collectively. This is how an effective leader can gain the trust of his employees. With trust on your side, you will be able to control them.

Lead by example

An effective leader does what he says; an effective leader works as much as he inspires; and an effective leader leads by doing. If your employees see you working, they will be inspired to work hard themselves. If they see you being a man of action and of virtue, they themselves will become men of action and virtue. If you lead by example, you will not need to control your employees. If you lead by example, your employees will give 100 percent of their loyalty to you. The same will be true if you act the opposite.

The word ‘control’ is too strong. Indeed, it is a word that might be subjected to misinterpretation. However, ‘control’ here means to be able to make your employees do what the company is there to do. Therefore, you are an effective manager and leader if you can ‘control’ your employees.