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How to Control Spending

How to Control Spending PhotoSpending’s actually very easy, how to stop it is like hell. Let me be struck by lightning if you never spent all your money on anything you want. And as I thought so, I’m still alive.

According to Marketing Vox, a total of $208.7 billion is spent on and by teens as of November 2012. The total number of teens in the US is 25.6 Million. That’s about $3,700 spent on by teens in a year.

24 hour rule

Many people don’t really notice it, but the impulse to buy only lasts 24 hours. Well, that is, 24 hours in which there is no re-exposure to the item. Otherwise, the thirst for the item or service sometimes goes back. And  we’re off back the cycle again.

If you like something, just try and see what happens 24 hours after you don’t see it. If the impulse is still there, think again. If the impulse is not there anymore, then good for you, you saved the amount.

Realize Your Accountability

Make yourself accountable for what you spend for. Make a list of financial priorities that you have, such as home bills. Every time you get the urge to buy an item, just look over your list. Take time to think of the item you want to buy and the expenses on the list.

To make the list more effective, put it somewhere you’ll  see it every time you spend. Let’s say, your wallet, so you’ll have that guilt every time you get money. The guilt isn’t actually a bad thing, but it does help.

Shield Yourself From Ads

Keep in mind how advertisements and promos work. The less you see and know about it, the lesser the chances for you to have an impulse. If you go online often, modify the settings to increase the security of your computer. This will lessen the chances of pop ups and other advertisements.

Unsubscribe from catalogs and magazines that are sent monthly or weekly. They usually have promos and offers that are more than mouth watering. So, just dump the magazines and go to chat with your friends. Remind them that you don’t want them advertising anything to you.

Turn Away From Temptation

Limit yourself from window shopping. That’s actually the number one culprit for impulse spenders. You  just reason out that your window shopping. The next minute, you already got tons of shopping bags in your hands.

Find a buddy to help you with your impulse. Tell them to smack you if you have the impulse to buy. Think about it, they’ll have fun, and you’ll be able to save. It’s a win-win situation. Just kidding, but if you get my point.

Destroy The Little Devil Wants

It’s the small things that you want to buy that add up and burn your money. Try to stop at the end of the day and think of every little thing spent for. Actually, it adds up doesn’t it? That’s the curse of the devil wants. They still burn your pockets.

Make Yourself Busy

Find alternative leisures that will kill your time. Find a buddy and resort to exercising. You’ll be more fit, and your motivation will be increased as Krisha McCoy mentions on her page.

You don’t really have to go to the gym to exercise, which is also expensive. Exercising also makes you feel great, and feel more like a hottie.

  • http://www.debtroundup.com Grayson @ Debt Roundup

    This is a great list Alec. I actually use most of these today. I worked in retail advertising and knew that if we couldn’t convert a consumer in 24 hours, we had only about a 10% chance of making that sale. Nice work.