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How to Create a Good Password

How to Create a Good Password PhotoHaving a strong password is very important especially when you are using it on sensitive accounts such as for social media or for corporate emails. Choosing the right password is mandatory, as you would be much better protected against hackers or for people who would like to enter your account with malicious content. Here are some tips on creating a good password for your security and protection.

Avoid obvious passwords

Refrain from using passwords that are based on or derived from your username, real name, or company name. Also, do not use your birthday when creating passwords. These are the combinations that hackers often use when trying to enter your account. Also, do not use actual words as passwords, or words that can best describe you, your company, or your interests.

Obviously, do not user passwords such as “letmein”, “password”, or “1234″ as these are actually the most common passwords used, and are the easiest to break.

Use combinations of characters

Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, special symbols, and numbers in your passwords. The more random the combination, the better. An example of this would be “C3RuM_094″. It may be hard to remember, but is also very difficult to break. An appropriate length for your password is also recommended, with the desired length being around ten to twelve characters.

Manage your passwords properly

It can be quite difficult to manage and remember passwords, especially when you are handling multiple accounts. This can be quite difficult especially when you do not use the same password across all your accounts, which is actually recommended. With this, you can use a Password Manager tool in order to help you better manage your passwords.

You can get Password Manager applications off the Internet, and some of them are even free. Having software like these around will ensure that you will not get locked out of your own account.

Other tips

In order to protect your accounts better, it is preferable to change your password every few months, no matter how often or seldom you use them. Also, never write your passwords on paper or give them away to people, no matter how much you trust them. Your password is considered as very personal information, and you and only you must know it.

Creating and maintaining a good password will ensure that your accounts are safe from hacking and incidences of identity theft. Create a good password as you will sleep better knowing that only you are able to access your personal accounts.