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How to Cut Back on Shopping

How to Cut Back on Shopping PhotoBack when the economy was still healthy shopping is considered, as the most fun thing to do. But after a couple of years, teens have to get a job just to enjoy shopping. In short, you have to have extra income for shopping because most individual’s monthly salary cannot even sustain their everyday needs. Shopping on a budget is not something new nowadays. It was years and years ago when it replaced the position of “shopping is fun.” But despite that, you can still have fun while shopping if you know how to live on a budget. Sounds interesting? Read along.

Evaluate your budget

Having fun while shopping means you have to learn how to cut back and the initial step to do is to evaluate your budget. Observe how much you spent on shopping a couple of months ago. Consider the amount you spent on food, clothing, gadgets and other goods you often buy. Once all are listed, decide on how much you want to spend on it.

Have a family meeting

Cutting back on shopping is not an individual issue. To make it more effective, you should also let your entire family do it, of course, with a bit of consideration for your kids. It is wise to have a family meeting and discuss with them why you have to cut back on shopping. Have a chart showing the costs the entire family made on clothing or on toys alone. You should also let them know the main benefits of cutting back or being much economical.

Find another hobby

Instead of making shopping as a hobby, it’s wise to find another one that will spare you and your entire family from spending. That could be a picnic in the park or perhaps strolling around the suburbs.

Sometimes, people shop only because they’re bored at home. Thus, you should also encourage playing games that involve your whole family. Simple board games or video games will do as a great hobby.

Consider fixing rather than replacing

Once people bump into house fixtures that stops working, their initial action is to shop for a new one. Instead of doing so, it’s highly advisable to try to fix things first. You can ask your friends and other family members to help if you’re unsure on how to fix it.

This is one perfect way to lessen your visit to the mall.

Be firm and clear

Reading all these tips will be useless if you’re not willing to apply it. Thus, the final step towards cutting back on shopping is being firm and clear about all your decisions. You need to have a good dose of self discipline and the willingness to make changes.

You don’t necessarily need to erase shopping on your “to do” list. You just have to learn that shopping should not be an active hobby. Being responsible enough especially when money is involved can be a challenge, but with these tips, everything will surely fall into place once you get used to it.