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How to Deal With a Bullying Boss

How to Deal With a Bullying Boss PhotoSome employees have angels for bosses. They can joke around and treat others as friends while still being professional and effective. For some, though, not so much. There are bully bosses that terrorize employees in many different ways, or may make the beginning of every day a constant battle as to whether you would be going to work or not. If you are one of the less fortunate who has a bullying boss, then here are some tips on how to alleviate the situation:

Have a private conversation

Sometimes, bosses do not tend to think that they are actually becoming bullies. They think that what they are doing is for the good of the company while the actual effect is to the contradictory. If this is the case, maybe a private and sincere conversation is necessary in order to clear the air. If all goes well, then chances are your boss would treat you much better as compared to before once the issue has been brought to light.

Document all instances of bullying

If the above method does not work and the bullying still continues, then make it a point to document all altercations. Be specific in your reports and compile them for when the time comes that you can use them against your boss. Having a well documented case will provide you with all the evidence that you will need if you would like to take some disciplinary or legal action.

It is also recommended that you take testimonies from co-workers that you can trust that are on your side, as their word will add on to the evidence that you are compiling, making your complaint a much stronger case.

Report to your boss’ immediate superior or HR department

Depending on the situation, you can bring your case to either your boss’ immediate superior or to your Human Resources department. Make sure that you have ample documentation and evidence as well as testimonies so that you will have enough proof to present your case. However, depending on the political environment, do expect some delays in proceedings, if any.

Sue, leave, or do both

If all else fails, or if you feel that you are genuinely being threatened due to the frequency or severity of the bullying, then you may opt to hire an attorney that specializes in maltreatment in the workplace, or you can simply resign and explicitly point out that the reason that you are leaving is because of the bullying boss.

Either way, no matter how good the pay or the benefits are, no job is worth staying in if you are forced to work with a bullying boss that does not treat you with respect both as an employee and as an individual.