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How to Deal with a Narcissist in Your Life

How to Deal with a Narcissist in Your Life PhotoA narcissistic individual is one who is extremely self-centered, selfish, and vain and fails to consider other individuals surrounding him/her.

A narcissist often gauges life with what he/she has and is able to achieve. They often feel good about being above everyone else and being the best among others.

Most often, a narcissistic individual gets frustrated if he/she is unable to do better than other people around him/her.

You may encounter or have encountered someone who fits the above description and feel awkward with the presence of such individual.

Below are some useful hints on how you can effectively deal with someone who is overly self-centered.

Do not be affected

When a narcissistic person starts gaining all the attention on how good he/she is, you may perceive that your abilities are being underestimated.

You may feel insecure, anxious or even angry. Do not act on this negative feeling.

Believe in yourself and do not doubt what you can do. You can sympathize with what the narcissist thinks or projects about himself but never let it affect your good feeling towards yourself.

Deal with the narcissistic bit by bit

For sure, you will not be able to change the entire personality of your narcissistic mate. However, you may be able to influence one of his/her narcissistic traits. If you notice a positive outcome from this, consider targeting another behavior you can influence. Make sure to include the trait which annoys you most.

Focus on the action, not with the word

A narcissistic individual is an expert in underestimating other people in order to highlight their ability. If you find yourself in a situation of being looked down and your abilities doubted, focus your response on how the idea was expressed, not on the content of the comment.

This will help you deal with the attitude of the individual appropriately instead of being affected by a negative statement.

This strategy will also help the narcissistic person become aware of their action.

Deal with it straightforwardly

You may find a narcissistic individual prying around you no matter how much you try to avoid him/her. If you are constantly bothered by one, directly confronting the person can be what you need. Talk to that individual directly.

However, make sure to use appropriate words and avoid too much rudeness. You need to keep your composure to prevent the arrow from backfiring towards you.

Express your irritations

At times, you may get fed up with a narcissistic colleague at work.  Verbalizing your feeling can help a lot in releasing negative emotion and unloading your mind. Talk about it to someone you can trust and express how you feel.

However, make sure that you can truly trust the person you talk to prevent spreading your words and worsening the whole thing.

There are a lot of people around with defective personalities. The secret to dealing with them is to believe in your own ability and not let their defective attitudes affect your own perception of yourself.