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How to Deal With a Self Centered Friend

How to Deal With a Self Centered Friend PhotoDo you know someone who’s self centered? Are you finding it hard to deal with them? Well, It’s not your fault if you can’t handle them… Dealing with a self-centered friend is quite a tough call.

To alleviate the situation and learn how to handle these friends, here’s a step-by-step guide for you guys.

Check on yourself

Are you sure she is self-centered? Maybe the question is not about her but about you, and you hate the fact that she’s better than you are. Does this sound familiar?

This kind of situation is quite common in such cases; thus it pays a lot to check your character, as well. You should be more flexible rather than being one-sided. Get the feel of the your friend’s skin and not just your own. It’s a clearer view and it sure does help you understand things better.

Consider her problems

Ask about her situation at home. Is her relationship with her family okay?

Some people tend to be hungry for recognition all the time, and if they belong to a family that doesn’t give too much admiration for small things, most probably these people will be self-centered.

Otherthan the family relationship, there are other essential factors you should check.

Spend more time with her

Not to tell her over and over again how awful her attitude is, but to listen to her. One powerful way to deal with this kind of concerns is to listen more and talk less.

Through this, you can show her that you actually care.

Turn the conversation around

One characteristic of self-centered people is to keep everyone’s attention to them. All that matters is their story. If your self-centered friend tries to interrupt on conversations, it would be best if you will tell her courteously that you’re still talking.

It may not be that easy for him to suck it up but it’s the best way to do. Nevertheless, there is no easy way to confront people with this personality.

Tell it jokingly

If turning the conversation around is a bit difficult for you, expressing your thoughts with added humor would be advisable. This will lessen the tension and the feeling that you’re actually confronting her.

Just like narcissistic people, self-centered ones are also quite sensitive when it comes to corrections and confrontations. That is why you have to be extra careful when talking to them. You should also learn how to use the right words.

Slowly open up

The last resort would be to have a heart to heart talk with your friend. Pull her to the side and ask if both of you can talk exclusively. Once you got the chance, don’t directly say “you know what, you’re so self-centered.” Instead, do it slowly and lessen its lucidity.

Dealing with a self centered friend can be hard, but there are always amends that you can make for it. And by following the these tips, you’re slowly planting in good thoughts into their system, and not hurting their feelings at the same time.