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How to Deal with Employees Who Complain

How to Deal with Employees Who Complain PhotoBeing a manager or employer, there are times when you will have to deal with employees who complain. This cannot be avoided as people’s attitudes vary. This can be irritating to deal with but you need to be professional enough in handling this situation. You must try to motivate your complaining employees to work toward the company’s goals than just let the day end with unsettled complaints.

Find out the source of their complaints

Identify how the complaints came about. There are many situations at work that will lead workers to complain and you need to know them. These things easily spread around the workplace. If the employees are complaining about something you did not do, then this is no longer your problem. However, you will still be needed to help resolve the case.

Listen to the complainants

Some workers may whine and complain like three-year olds. Well, you don’t have the choice but to listen to them. As much as possible, keep your composure and don’t react immediately. If it is possible, ask them to write their complaints and encourage them to state the facts than emphasize their feelings. However, if things need to be urgently addressed, you can talk to them in private and give them the chance to voice out their feelings and opinions.

Suggest ways for resolution

There are workers who complain about their colleagues. If this is the situation, then you will have to act as a counselor for them to understand the situation they got into. Encourage them to express their feelings and give comments to each other and let them suggest ways to resolve the issue.

If the complaints are related to the job they are doing, then you need to suggest ways for them to be motivated to carry out the tasks assigned to them. Also, team building activities help in resolving conflicts among workers. This can help boost teamwork and encourage them to avoid situations that can affect the organization at large.

Understand and interpret the implied

Sometimes, there are workers that persistently complain because they are no longer happy with their job. Well, if this is the case then find out what caused them to feel this way. Let them decide if they want to stay or leave the company. If they still do, allow them to suggest ways to help themselves. But if they decide to leave, then they should not delay in handing out their resignation letter.

Complaints cannot be avoided but those who persistently complain need to be dealt with the right way to prevent them from affecting the work environment negatively. These should not be ignored. When you are able to deal with them properly, the work environment gets the harmony it needs for workers to function efficiently.