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How to Deal with Gender Inequality In the Workplace

How to Deal with Gender Inequality In the Workplace Photo


Gone are the days where women stay at home and watch over the kids. Today, it’s very usual to see housewives earn for their living. But in every workplace, gender plays a big role. There are these companies that don’t accept women because of the kind of job they offer. But beyond most people’s knowledge, there are some grounds which can make this appear as sexism or gender discrimination.

Kinds Of Sexism


This occurs when you as an employee is treated unfavorably compared to your co-workers. This often takes place if the other employees suspect you of complaining against discrimination with a stress on the Equal Opportunities Act or Sexual Discrimination.

Direct Discrimination

Usually happens when you are less favored and when vital aspects are involved. Such aspects refer to promotions and salary rate. If you’re a woman doing a job intended for men, such as welding, you will be subjected to direct discrimination if your salary rate is lower compared to others. And if you don’t get a promotion even if you’ve been working for years already.

Sexual Harassment

Although there’s a stable law about sexual harassment, there’s also a separate law about it which focuses and falls under sexism. This is not a simple discrimination. It can also cause emotional and even psychological trauma. Sexual suggestions, lewd or vulgar remarks and indecent gestures are only a few cases that are under this kind of sexism.

How Do Handle It

It is a fact that many people consider sexism as a difficult issue to handle. Despite that, there are some tips and tricks to successfully fix your sexism problem. Here is a list of it.

Assess the problem

Before jumping into major steps, it’s advisable to assess the problem well. Observe how your co-workers treat you and the gender of those who treat you differently. If everything is already clear and the lucidity of gender discrimination is at its peak, then it’s a sign for you to go to the next step.

Talk to your boss

Explain your concerns and how it is affecting your performance. Stress the important factors such as “you just cannot work well with these unlikable co-workers.” Alongside that, you should also balance everything and tell your boss you’re not wishing for someone to be fired. You just want things to be at peace.

Human resource can help

If in case your boss is the number one discriminator, you can make another step and seek help from the human resources department. Some people may think that the HR has nothing to do with it. On the contrary, they can greatly help you out.

Final Step

If all these tips don’t work, then you are left with one choice – to deal with it legally. There are certain laws that focus on gender discrimination. Feel free to ask a lawyer about your case, he or she should know the proper move. This is a stress to those who are greatly affected to the point that they’re next to being broken.