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How to Deal with Peer Pressure

How to Deal with Peer Pressure Photo


As a teenager, learning how to deal with peer pressure is vital. It is important for you to know how to say no and how to make considerations. Based on kidshealth.org, peer pressure is “something that all people have to deal with – even adults”. Furthermore, since there is only a slim chance for you to avoid it, knowing how to deal with peer pressure will help you stay on the right track without losing your group or friends. Read along and discover powerful tips and healthy advices.

Tips Worth Remembering

Build a strong confidence and self esteem

One reason why teens get trapped in peer pressure is because they don’t have enough self esteem and confidence. Often times, they have to draw it from their friends which may soon take advantage of the situation.

The moment you feel and know that you’re confident of yourself, there will be less chances for peer pressure to interfere. Although it may try to eat you slowly, you’ll be strong enough to fight it.

Respect yourself

Another vital factor is self respect. If you know how to pay enough respect for yourself and your rights, you won’t be bothered by this teen dilemma. Give yourself enough worth first before giving some to your friends. You should also know your limits and be sure that your friends fully understand it.

All about consequences

As a teen, it is your responsibility to know the consequences of all your actions. Despite that, most teens today admit that they don’t see this as a part of their responsibility. Quite alarming for parents and organizations which are both focused on caring for teens. Keep in mind that no one else can spare you but yourself. This is a stress for those who don’t appreciate accepting help from others.

Know your friends well

Knowing your friends is a big difference from “choosing”. When you say choosing, it’s more like befriending a person and when both of you don’t get along easily than you will simply go and choose another one. Knowing on the other hand is discovering who your friend is inside and out. This is more important that simply choosing. It is also not a good habit to choose and discard friends immediately.

Why Does Peer Pressure Exist, Anyway?

There are many reasons why peer pressure exists. Perhaps you badly want to get along, badly want to be liked or even badly want to have a boyfriend. Seeing everyone happy with their group of friends can cause self pity. At this point, the only choice teens always see is to hang out with the popular teens and try to get along with them.

There is nothing wrong in becoming friends with others. You should just know how to stand firm and make your own decisions.

Is Beating Peer Pressure Easy?

The answer to this solely lies in your hands, my dear readers. If you have enough courage to walk straight, chin up every day then it would be easy. However if you’re always considering about what others think about you then peer pressure can truly be a problem. The main key here is to learn how to balance everything.