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How to Deal with Rejection at Work

How to Deal with Rejection at Work PhotoYou just simply cannot please everybody. And no matter how hard you do your work, there would still be times when you would have to deal with rejection from your bosses or colleagues. Rejection and criticism can be painful most of the time but you can learn ways to respond and take them positively.

Manage your feelings

It is a given that you are going to feel bad when you did not get chosen for an assignment that you wanted, did not receive the promotion you applied for or blamed for a mistake. But instead of dwelling on unhappy feelings, do not take rejection personally. Look at the situation as objectively as you can and you would surely feel better. Definitely, the disappointment would be there but it would also go away after some time.

Be honest with yourself

You may be able to pretend in front of others. But never try to brush off the hurt and fool yourself. Instead of acting as if you are not hurt, admit to yourself that you are indeed hurt and that it is a normal feeling given the situation that you are in. You can even cry if it is the best way that you can release the emotions inside you. And if it would help, you can talk to someone who understands because sharing what you are feeling at the moment could help ease some of the hurt.

Keep things in perspective

It is not the end of the world. If you did not get what you want, then maybe it is not your turn to shine. But you can always do another attempt and try your luck next time. And don’t forget to give yourself some credits for trying.

Be professional about it

Do not overreact and think of an exit. Act professionally and take the rejection as a challenge instead. Ask yourself where you lack in skills or what you need to improve so that you can work on that aspect in order to become a better worker or employee.

Just always remember that being rejected at work does not mean you are not liked or valued. Things simply do not work the way we want them to at times. It is also impossible to avoid rejection altogether because it surely will come to you at some points in your office life. And the better you are at coping with rejection, the lesser it is going to affect you for sure.