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How to Decorate With Recycled Items

How to Decorate With Recycled Items PhotoDecorating need not be expensive at all times. You can still enhance the look of your home or any place with the use of recycled stuff.

On the other hand, if you want to decorate, but is running short on budget, using leftover materials or enhancing outdated or broken possessions provide a more economical option.

Here’s how you can improve your place with the use of some creative thinking.

Empty bottles and cans for indoor plants

Cut soda bottles and make holes through them. Use them to grow herbs and other miniature plants. Tin cans can also be painted with vibrant colors, to enhance their appeal. Arrange your plants creatively to create a unique look. You can also utilize egg craters in growing seedlings.

Used tires are also good plant pots

Used tires will also make a good pot for bigger plants. Simply find a place or spot in your garden where you can permanently put used tires as pots. Arrange them systematically and fill the hollow in the middle with a good garden soil. Grow your plants on them. If you desire, you can also paint those empty tires to change its looks.


Repaint old furniture at home. If you prefer a more native look, stick to applying varnish on your wood crafts at home. Sometimes, you don’t genuinely require replacing an old table with a new one, a substantial makeover such as repainting or varnishing it will do the trick.

Recycle tin packs

Tin packs beverage containers can be used in making larger bags or decorative place mats. Collect packs and cut them into any shapes, stitch together and sew into a bag or a table mat. You now have something to adorn your table.

Reuse an old door

Your old door can be transformed into a headboard. Paint it with any color you like or stick to colorless polish to preserve its vintage look. Attach it to the head portion of your cradle and presto, you now have a unique headboard.

Be creative in scrap woods

You can transform scrap woods into a lot of stuff. Be creative and invent new uses. Scrap woods can be nailed together to make a bench. Equip it with some couch pillows, and you now have a comfortable place to sit during the warm summer days.

Improvised bath tub couch

Have your old bath tub as a couch by cutting it across. Install a pair of claw stands. Add some comfortable mattress and throw pillows and you now have a stylistic place to relax.

A shoe storage made of paint cans

Stick paint cans together with the use of strong glue. Polish with a colorful paint and store your pair of footwear inside each.

Old clocks as picture holders

Use your old clocks as picture frames. Arrange strategically to give your decoration a creative appeal. You can do both for your old table clocks as well as wall clocks.

You can effectively furnish your home using recycled stuff. Put in some amount of creativity and some effort and you are on your way to transforming the look of your place creatively but inexpensively.