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How to Delete Web History

How to Delete Web History Photo

Surfing the web surely has been incorporated into the lives of people now, and learning how you could delete your web history is something that is basic, yet pretty important to your surfing life. Oftentimes you would think, “I would never share the pages I browse to my friends/family.” And the best way to prevent them from tracing the sites you visit is by deleting the record kept by your browser.

Why does my browser save the sites I browse?

The main reason that your browser does this is to save you loading times when you are accessing your frequently browsed sites. The browser saves the pages you access into your hard drive. Of course there will be cases when you don’t want to be tracked especially if you are browsing through a website that is quite sensitive for you in terms of privacy. Tweaking around your browser preferences is a way of clearing up your history of those “secret” sites that you access.

Reasons I should clear my web history

If you are one of those people who are very savvy when it comes to the space in your hard disk, you should be clearing out your history. The more frequent you browse the internet, the more sites that you access, and the more complex sites you access, then a bigger portion of your hard drive will be filled with temporary internet files.

Another common reason why people clear out their browser history is when they don’t want the sites that they browse to be traced down to them. Let’s face it, many people browse Not Safe for Work (NSFW) websites, and a large percentage of these people would never want that to be discovered.

Private information entered online is another reason. No one would ever want their credit card information to be found out when someone else browses the internet using their personal computer.


You are warned, though. If someone who is knowledgeable enough checks your system cache, they can still check out there the websites that you have browsed. Even though only few people would be that curious when it comes to browsing histories, you ought to check this out to make sure you are safe.

On the Safer Side

Clearing your browser history may take different steps depending on the browser itself that you use. Check the following pages to get the detailed instructions on how you can do it:

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Before it’s too late and the damage is dealt, why not protect yourself from the threats that your browser history might bring. Whatever your reason is, it does not hurt to save yourself from these headaches before they even come.